Eulla Mae’s Cafe

Read the tragic tale of this diner’s move to Washington DC and subsequent demolition. HERE

I just ran across additional photos of it from when it was still operating in Pennsylvania in the courtyard of Adam’s Antique mall.



Little Tavern: Washington no. 7

I went and hunted down the site of Washington No. 7 today, which opened on December 23, 1931. From the size of the tree growing up through the vacant lot, I would say its been gone for a while at this point. The building itself is gone, but the outline of the signature Little Tavern roof is still visible on the wall of the building next door. The brick basement is all still there, covered by a steel framework which I would assume was the floor of the LT. And what’s this I see? Green enameled steel roof tiles? Too bad they’re a story beneath street level and behind a plywood construction fence.

This entire section of G street looks like its waiting to be torn down or otherwise redeveloped. The buildings to the left are all vacant. The Hahn / Florsheim shoe store in the old bank building is also gone, though it seems the National Bank of Washington still occupies it and the buildings seem to have fallen on hard times. For those who don’t know the area, it’s all high priced offices and condos around this cluster.

The vacant lot

Next door to the National Bank of Washington

ghost of an LT

Sorry for the crappy pic- I may be tall, but the eight foot plywood fence is taller, and getting pictures through the 1/2″ gap between two of the panels just wasn’t happening. This is the steel framing over a brick foundation and basement. Lots of tree going on.

Rusty green tiles from the Little Tavern green roof.

Washington no. 7 was (is?) located at
1344 G street northwest Washington DC

Washington DC Signage

I made a mini-roadtrip this morning to DC for some good old fashioned neon.

Clock Hands pointing down.

A&R Auto Parts. The neon appears it originally read something else.
1824 Bladensburg Road NE
Washington, DC 20002


Ride With Safety – Yellow Cab Company.

Ohio Restaurant
1380 H St. NE
Now Closed
More pictures, including ones of the interior, can be found here.

Atlas Theater
1331 H St. NE
Built 1938
Architect John J. Zink.

S and S Shoe Repairing
1126 H St. NE


New York Ave NE

Budget Motor Inn
1615 New York Avenue Northeast

Syd’s Drive In Liquor Store


Automatic Transmission

Former Roy Rogers?

Barn shaped building

Publick Playhouse
5445 Landover Road
Hyattsville, MD 20784
Opened 1947

Modern Dry Cleaning/ Electric Maid
Takoma Park, MD

Rayco Auto Seat Covers
7998 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Glenmont Arcade
Formerly home to “Tuffy” Leeman’s duckpin Bowling alley. Tuffy, a pro football hall of fame member, played for the New York Giants from 1936 to 1943. The duckpin alley closed several years back.


Capital City Diner, Washington DC

I visited the Capital City diner on May 24th, 2009, shortly after it arrived from Avoca New York to the Trinidad neighborhood of NE Washington. Since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting its opening.

Since I am currently at school in Halifax and could not make it myself, my father visited the Capital City diner this morning for breakfast along with a couple of his friends, fellow diner enthusiasts. The new owners, Matt Ashburn and Patrick Carl, have done an incredible job with the place, as you can see from the photos.

From Michael G. Stewart:
The breakfast was pretty good-Tasty & well prepared. The service was a bit spotty, but I guess to be expected this early on. The physical diner is pretty original, no silly updates or “Happy Days” isms. Despite being in a transitional part of town, there was a really good mix of young urban hipsters, some w/ families, professionals, & neighborhood locals. Good vibe, felt safe, fun & comfortable. So far, so good!

From SallyAnn Rogers:
We had a grand time at the Capital City Diner. My waffle was brown and crisp and not a bit mushy. The place is a little cramped, more like hobbit size, but it was filled to the brim and was a very nice experience. You are going to love it.

Red painted trimwork and roof really make the diner pop.

Blue and black

Silk City Diner manufactured by the Patterson Vehicle company of Patterson, NJ. Note that the background of the tag matches the tilework of the diner. I’m not sure if this is original, but it is a very nice touch.

The diner is located at 1050 Bladensburg Rd. NE washington DC
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Little Tavern- Washington No. 27

This former Little Tavern is located at the corner of 6th and Morse St., NE Washington, DC. It is now a Subway. Despite having lost its distinctive color scheme and signage, the exterior still looks as though it is fairly in tact. Washington #24 appears to have been built c.1948. It stands to reason that No. 27 dates from the late 1940s or early 1950s. I will try to find more documentation regarding the exact date of construction.

For pictures from 1988, taken while it was still operating as a Little Tavern, please click here.

For a in the process list of all Little Tavern locations, click here.

Little Tavern- Washington no. 12

This Little Tavern, the twelfth built in the district, located at 718 H. St, N.E. Washington DC, was built in 1935. My records show it was completed on November 11 of that year. According to building permit 183945, it was designed by Architect G.B. Wenner, and had an estimated cost of construction of $7,500.

The facade has been changed to accommodate floor to ceiling windows. The roof has been painted orange, though the original Little Tavern green is showing through in areas where the more modern paint has flaked off.

The current signage indicates it’s operating as “Super Nails”, though it is not clear if it currently in operation.

For a in the process list of all Little Tavern locations, click here.

Greetings from Washington DC

I got some photos today from my dad, who went down on a food and photo safari this morning. All photos are copyright Michael G. Stewart.

Golden Bull – Liquor

Ohio Restaurant

This building will become a trolley station for the new line.


My dad

Uneeda Biscuit

Atlas Theater

S and S shoe repairing

Hen Lung Laundry

Eulla Mae’s Cafe / Fatdog’s Hot Dog Bistro

The old Kullman at Adams Antique Mall in PA was moved to Washington DC in 2005/06 and never opened. It was later demolished.

Photos in Pennsylvania.



It appears there is now nothing left.

According to their now non-existent website:

Opening Summer 2006

Fat Dog’s Hot Dog Bistro sells premium hot dogs with a variety of classic and creative toppings.
From our vintage bistro to our customer inspired menu, we are all about quality and excellence. At Fat Dog’s Hot Dog Bistro, we make good food that’s fast, fresh and fun!
We use only quality ingredients starting with an exceptional dog carefully selected for maximum freshness and flavor. Our dogs are grilled not boiled. Our veggies are fresh, not frozen. And our toppings are made to order. We make our twice-cooked Belgian fries fresh throughout the day. Our goal is simple – to serve the best hot dogs and French fries in Washington, DC.

4903 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE
Telephone: 202-448-2875
Fax: 202-448-1390
Fat Dog Enterprises
2526 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #201
Washington, DC 20020z

Everyone loves a Fat Dog!

Start with one the most popular foods in America and then let imagination be your guide. Have your dog, the way you want it. Try a classic chili-cheese with loaded with diced tomato or branch out and try the “Dog of the Week”. Fat Dogs come in as many flavors as there are Americans. So don’t settle for the ordinary – “Build a Better Dog!”

Fries cooked in 100% Peanut Oil
Hand-cut Fresh Fries (Small, Large)
Chili Fries (Cheese, chopped onion no x-charge)
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry
Chocolate, Vanilla
Skinny Dog
Grilled beef hot dog
Fat Dogs
“Hot Mama” Chili, Cheddar, Chili, Cheddar (try it with crushed corn chips )
“Big Poppi” – Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Barbecue Baked Beans, Diced Tomato
“Bubba Hog” – Bacon, Sautéed Mushroom, Tomato, Cheddar or American Cheese
“So Fresh” – Cucumber, Pickle, Celery, Onion, Tomato, Red Pepper, Ranch Dressing
“Bam Yankee” – Sauerkraut, Onion Sauce
“Call Me Slaw” – Creamy coleslaw, Onion
Mo Bettah – Skinny Dog Plus Choice of Any Four Toppings
Fry Daddy – Deep Fried Pork/Beef Dog
Veggie Dee-Lite – Sautéed Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Roasted Red Pepper, Cucumber, Celery, Sliced Carrot, Tomato, choice of cheese
No Charge:Onion, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Brown Mustard, Yellow Mustard, Sweet Hot Mustard
35¢: Sweet Relish, Tomato, Onion, Black Olives, Roasted Red Pepper, Sport Peppers, Jalapenos, Ranch Dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing, Shredded Carrot, Peanut Sauce
50¢: Bacon, Chili, Sautéed Mushroom, Sautéed Onion, Garlic Mash
Soy Dog Available on Request ( add 50¢)
Sides to Go
$1.29: Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Chili, Barbecue Baked Beans
Stinking Strong Coffee/Tea….$1.09
Soda ….$1.38
Water ….$1.39
Country Lemonade …$1.50

Little Tavern Locations- Updated List

Harry F. Duncan founded Little Tavern Shops inc. in 1927.
By 1937, 33 Little taverns and two Little Tavern Grills had been opened
By 1940, 45 shops were open
1959- Baltimore office located at 516 york road, Towson, MD
1965- 44 Shops, 17 in Baltimore
In 1972, around 42 Little Taverns were operating
1980- Duncan sold the chain to Gerald Wedren.
1982, 36 were open
1983- 31 locations, 13 in Baltimore
1987- 28 locations, 17 in the DC area, 11 in the Baltimore
In 1988, 22 locations were still operating. Little Tavern sold.
1990- 19 locations
In 1991, 20 locations
1996 -4 locations- wheaton, laurel, conkling st., Holabird
2003- Laurel, Conkling, Holabird owned by Owned by Alfred Roy. Also a seasonal location in Ocean City. Of those locations, only Laurel was a location from the original chain.

Before the Little Tavern name was hit upon, Duncan had already been in the hamburger business for several years.
Feb 14, 1925 – St. Louis No. 1
Between 1925 and 1927, 5 “Baby Beef” were opened in St. Louis.
He sold the chain in 1927 and moved to Louisville, KY, where he opened his first Little Tavern.

Little Tavern
Locations I’ve been able to find the number of.

1. Mach 24, 1927- Louisville No. 1
510 West Broadway Louisville, KY
Referred to within the chain as the “Mother Tavern”. This was the only Louisville location which lasted into WWII. An interesting side note, instead of move to DC with many of the Louisville Crew when Little Tavern shifted to the DC area, former employee Leonard Higdon started a copycat restaurant, called “Little Castle” at 116 S 26th st Louisville KY in the early 1940s.
Image courtesy Larry Collier

2. October 8, 1927 – Louisville No. 2
414 E Broadway, Louisville, KY
Image courtesy Charlene Clark. Check out her paintings!

3. Dec 22, 1927 – Louisville No. 3
652 S 18th St, Louisville, KY
Image courtesy Larry Collier

4. March 24, 1928 – Louisville No. 4 – Sold August 1935
2120 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY

5. May 17, 1928 – Louisville No. 5
417 W. Chestnut, Louisville, KY
Image courtesy Larry Collier

6. October 30, 1928 – Washington No. 1
814 E Street NW.

7. February 12, 1929- Washington No. 2
3701 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington DC
Now Sweet Mango Cafe
Image courtesy Charlene Clark. Check out her paintings!

8. August 14, 1929 – Washington No. 3
“3031 14th St. NW : Cost $2000″ – The Washington Post, “Building Permits July 7, 1929″

9. December 3, 1929 – Washington No. 4
“One Story Concrete Block Store at 1490 H. St Northeast: Cost $2000″ – The Washington Post, “Building Permits Nov 3, 1929″
Remodeled in 1937 – October 3, 1937 Washington Post record
Another record says it is 1492 H. St, and that it was supposed to be open by thanksgiving of that year. The lease was reported by Weaver Bros. Inc. The lease was made by George Shultze of the Shultze motor company.

10. May 15, 1930 – Louisville No. 6 – Closed 1932
129 S. 2nd St., Louisville, KY

11. June 2, 1930 – Baltimore No. 1
1/2 East Mount Royal Ave

12. June 19, 1930- Washington No. 5
2104 14th St. NW Washington, DC
Image Courtesy Lois Smith

The Hamburger Grill
1221 U Street, NW
Referenced in 1933 “The Afro American”

13. 1930- Baltimore No. 2
Greenmount Ave, 32nd St. Baltimore, MD
Now Sea Blue.
Photo Taken 1979

Image courtesy Doug Hansen Photography (


Note the castle-like stonework on the right, similar to that found on the earlier Louisville ones.

14. Jan 29, 1931, Baltimore No. 3 (First “Streamlined” Little Tavern- those built prior were of the castle style, it appears. Some were converted to the tudor style later on)
908 W. 36th St. Baltimore MD

15. March 21, 1931 – Baltimore No. 4 – Closed 1932 due to lease problem
East. 25th Street, Baltimore, MD. Remodeled after 1932. Operated as the “Stone Tavern”Photobucket

16. May 6, 1931 – Washington No. 6
630 North Capitol Street, N.W. Washington DC
Restored 1983. Demolished 1988.

17. August 1, 1931- Baltimore No. 5
Conkling Street. Demolished in 2003, along with the Grand theatre. Shop No. 5 was remarkably in-tact at the time of its demolition.
It was remodeled with enameled panels, along with some other design changes, but the location, sign supports and general shape of the building are unmistakable as this location.

Pictures taken prior to its demolition. Ext. – Int. Int.
Image courtesy Larry Collier
Photo courtesy Debra Jane Seltzer

Photo taken 1986

18. December 23, 1931 – Washington No. 7
1344 G street northwest Washington DC
Torn Down, but the outline of the building is still visible on the wall of the building next door.
Full Post with more pictures
Here’s a shot from the 1980s

19. March 22, 1932 – Washington No. 8
Originally located at 1211 H. St. NW. Moved about 4 miles in 1936. to 1309 New York Ave. Relocated c.1956 to 1251 New York Ave NE. Torn down by 1972 to make way for parking lots.

Harry F. Duncan:
“Jackie Kennedy used to pop over to the LT at 12th St. and New York Ave NW ‘eight and nine times a day’ when she was a roving photographer at the nearby Washington Times-Herald, she was quite a coffee drinker,’ he said fondly.”Photobucket
Images courtesy Larry Collier

20. December 3, 1932 – Washington No. 9
5100 Georgia Ave NW Washington DC
Image courtesy Larry Collier

21. Jan 13, 1934 – The Baltimore Grill / Little Tavern Tap Room – Baltimore

22. February 1, 1934 – Washington No. 10 – Moved 80 feet in 1936 to accommodate construction of government building (Bureau of Engraving and Printing Annex) 14th St. Southwest Washington DC
Image courtesy Larry Collier

23. September 15, 1934 – Washington No. 11
Probably the Benning Road location. The date and number are unconfirmed, but as this is the only outstanding location, it follows that it would be no. 11.

24. November 11, 1935 – Washington No. 12
718 H Street, N.E., Washington, D.C.
Now Super Nails.
Building Permit Permit # 183945.
Architect G.B. Wenner. Estimated cost $7,500.
Full Post with more pictures.

25. December 12, 1935 – Washington No. 13
One Story Masonry restaurant at 427 Florida Avenue Northeast, Cost $7500, Lee Luttrell, Designer
The Washington Post permits “October 20, 1935″

Arthur Moreland, 511 K St. Northeast, Manager of a Little Tavern shop, Fifth Street and Florida Ave. Northeast was robbed of $81 at 5am yesterday.
He told the police the man came to the shop and was mistaken for the trash collector. After he was let in the bandit drew a gun and and took the money from the cash register, Moreland said.
Image Courtesy Larry Collier

26. Jan 2, 1936 -Baltimore No. 6

27. April 9, 1936 – Washington No. 14
3333 M. Street NW Washington DC -
Converted Now Sweetgreen
Photo October 1990

28. April 11, 1936 – Baltimore No. 7

519 East 25th Street Baltimore MD (open as of at least 1941)
Picture taken Dec. 1979
Converted. Now Pizza Deal.

29. July 1, 1936 – Washington No. 15
“Little Tavern Shops, Inc. : One Story Cinder Block Restaurant at 1200 Good Hope Road Southeast – Cost $7500, Lee W. Luttrell, designer” (Washington Post May 10, 1936)

30. November 11, 1936 – Washington No. 16
1110 H St. Northwest Washington DC
Closed by mid ’80s. here’s a shot from 1981

Photo c. 1986.

Photo c. 1987 of neon

31. December 31, 1936 – Washington No. 17
2628 Connecticut Ave. Northwest Washington DC
Closed December 1972 for the construction of the Woodley Park-Zoo / Adams Morgan metro station
Asst. Manager in 1971 Robert Trauger.
Image courtesy Larry Collier

32. February 4, 1937 – Washington No. 18
1708 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC
Demolished by 1972.

33. February 9, 1937 – Washington No. 19
1326 New York Ave NW Washington DC

34. March 9, 1937 – Baltimore No. 8

655 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E. Washington, DC 20003 (Washington No. 20)
Converted Now Li’l Pub
Permit issued 11/26/1937 , architect Frank B. Proctor, Estimated Cost $5000, Permit no. 20864
Full Post with more pictures


1301/1303 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC
Washington no. 21
1303 Wisconsin Ave NW. Washington DC -
“Little Tavern Shops Inc. will build another restaurant at 1301 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest at an estimated cost of $7,000, Frank B. Proctor designed the building which will be of brick and frame construction.
The Washington Post February 13, 1938
Converted Now Paolo’s
“Ralph B. Swanson- a long time resident of Washington who was manager of the Little Tavern Shop at Wisconsin Avenue and N St. NW for 18 years died friday after a heart attack at his home at 3321 O St. NW. He was 64. Mr. Swanson was known as “Trigger” to his customers and coworkers in Georgetown. A native of Vermont, he moved to Washington about 25 years ago. He has no immediate survivors.” – March 31, 1965.

33-1/2 Independence Ave NW Washington DC – Washington no. 22
Full post with more information

35. 3968 Minnesota Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 23)
Torn Down. Now strip mall featuring “Rainbow” and “Downtown Locker Room”. Next door to former Senator Theatre, built 1942.

36. 2537 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 24)
Formerly Best Carryout. Now Continental Construction Next door to the former Highland Theatre.
Built c. 1948?Photobucket

504 13th Street N.W., Washington, D.C.
(Little Tavern Shop no. 25)

37. 2716 Good Hope Road S.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 26)
Now New York Fried Chicken

Photo courtesy Debra Jane Seltzer

38. 6th Street and Morse Street, N.E., (530 Morse St.) Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 27)
Converted Now Subway.

Historic photos 1234
Locations I was not able to find the number of. Some almost certainly overlap with locations in the previous list.

The Shops at National Place (Club LT- opened 1987)
529 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

Columbia Mall – Opened September 1982. Lasted until the late 1980s.

Westside Shopping Center- Baltimore MD – 2600 Square Feet
Leased 1985

6414 Holabird Ave Baltimore, MD 21224 Opened April 1983. Closed 2008.
At the time it opened it was the 31st location and 13th in the Baltimore Area.
800 Square Feet- originally a sandwich shop
Introduced fish sandwich, steak and cheese, french fries, larger “tavern burger” with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Now operating as a used car dealership

2002 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD Property sold October 1937. Likely opened early 1938.

1 East North Avenue, Baltimore, MD
Full post with more pictures.

900 Block of West North Ave, Baltimore, MD
Was Baltimore regional office location as of at least 1942.
Robbed of $26 in Dec 1952

115 West Baltimore St. Baltimore MD
Property purchased Dec 21, 1939

400 block of East Baltimore St. Baltimore MD- formerly canmaker’s hall. Storefront location. Still there as of 1993.
“The Block”
Map from The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History By Elizabeth Fee, Linda Shopes
On the cover of “Players of The Block”

3515 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224

2001 East Monument St, Baltimore, MD
Robbed 1968
Converted- now a Burger King.

3200 Block of Belvedere Ave. Baltimore, MD- East of Park Heights
Picture taken Dec. 1981

photo from
Photo courtesy Debra Jane Seltzer
Photo Courtesy Debra Jane Seltzer

10 Park Ave Baltimore, MD
Formerly the Lighthouse Pub and the Park Avenue Grill. Tony’s Diner as of 2010.
Photo taken July 1980

516 York Road, Towson, MD
Photo taken 1963
Photo taken 1965
Photo taken 1979
Photo taken 1988

Little Tavern
Glen Burnie, MD

828 North Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia
Built of brick in 1940 (Building Permit #2542, 5/22/1940)
Resurfaced with porcelain enamel panels 1959 (Building Permit #15009, 5/27/1959).
1993- Friendly Tavern (BAR Case #93-8, 1/6/1993)
1994- Hogs on the Hill (BAR Case #94-104, 10/5/1994).
1995 – Jerry’s Subs (BAR Case #95-189, 12/20/95)
2005- Merry’s Subs Pizza (BAR Case #2005-00226, 10/19/2005)
2008- Asian Wok Cafe

3125 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA – Built 1941
Converted. Now Goody’s
previously a 24 Hour A Day A Locksmith, Atilla’s Restaurant (Greek), Dumond Cafe, Cafe Cozzi

Former Little Tavern? Now Tarbouch
3110 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA

2601 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA. Converted from an Ollie’s Trolley to a Little Tavern in late 1983/ early 1984. Virginia No. 4.


Wisconsin Avenue and Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland (Built c.1939) Restored 1983.
Converted. Now Golden House Chinese Food.

Montgomery Lane and Waverly St in Bethesda MD. (4620 Montgomery Lane) Torn down to make way for a parking garage.
 photo LittleTavernBethesda1966-Copy.jpg

135 Main Street, Annapolis, Maryland
Closed/Torn Down Nothing left at the site.
 photo LT-Copy.jpg

There was another Annapolis location, closed by the 1970s, located on the corner of West st. and Washington St.

11143 Viers Mill Road and Grandview Avenue, Wheaton, Maryland
Torn Down , Though sign-frame is still there, advertising Chuck Levin’s.
c. 1997
Photo courtesy Tom Williams

7413 Baltimore Ave College Park, MD 20740
built c.1940
2010- closed.
Previously housed a Toddle House, JD’s roadhouse, the Philadelphia Cheesecake Factory and Curry Express

8230 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD
Built 1938, demolished 2003
Demolished. It operated as Ollies in the 1990s. The neon signge on the roof (not the rooftop) was added sometime after 1957.Photobucket

Corner of Fenton St. and Wayne Ave. Silver Spring, MD – Built 1974
Demolished 2008
In the years between Little Tavern’s demise and this location’s demolition, this location housed a chinese restaurant and was painted bright yellow. This is the newest purpose built freestanding Little Tavern which I have been able to find records of. The design is quite simplified, blockier, and without as many specialized parts. Photobucket

Rt. 1 Laurel, MD – Now operating as the Laurel Tavern. In the process, the front window was converted to a double-wide front door and the original front door was bricked over. The interior, which was nearly completely in-tact at the time of its closing in 2007, was gutted.
Signage was rescued.
Sometime in the 1980s, this Little Tavern was hit by a station wagon. I believe that it was damage from this collision which resulted in this location losing its distinctive white and green enamel paneling, which is visible in this photo.


7801 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, Maryland
Gone/Converted (Seasonal)
I’m afraid this collectible cutout is the best I can do as far as pictures of this location go. I do not believe this one was operational during the Duncan years of Little Tavern.

A photo from 2011 by Beth Lennon of, while operating as Roy’s Sub Shop.

There was a location in Rosslyn VA.

It’s possible one of the KY locations may have been at 4138 Dixie Highway Louisville, KY

Little Tavern #24 – Pennsylvania Ave SE

A friend sent photos of this former Little Tavern, located at 2537 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C.
According to Library of Congress records, it was built in 1948; Architect Charles R. Zeller. Another record of it, “Working drawing showing assembly of porcelain enamel cladded panels for fast food restaurant as elevations, diagrams, and axonometrics projections”, exists from 1955. According to that record, it was Little Tavern Shop #24