Little Tavern Locations past and present

In 1936, there were 14 locations operating in Washington DC.
By 1939, there were 21 in Washington.
By the 1940s, there were approximately 50 Little Tavern locations in Washington and Baltimore.
In 1988, 22 locations were still operating.
In 1991, the number was 20.
The last one closed last year.

This is what I’ve been able to piece together of locations which once existed.

If anyone has pictures especially from when they were still operating as Little Taverns, I’d love to see them. And if you’d just like to add a story or reminiscence, I’d love to hear it as well.

And if anyone has a location to add, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

1. 814 E Street NW. – built c. 1928

2. 1344 G street northwest Washington DC

Torn Down, but the outline of the building is still visible on the wall of the building next door. Built 1931.

3. 2628 Connecticut avenue northwest Washington DC
Torn Down – Now the site of the Woodley Park-Zoo / Adams Morgan metro station Built before Feb. 1937

4. 1110 H St. Northwest Washington DC (Little Tavern Shop No. 16) Closed by 1985.
Torn Down Now the site of the Capitol City Brewing Company downtown location?

5. 3701 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington DC
Torn Down. Now the site of the Sweet Mango Cafe.

6. 5100 Georgia Ave. NW Washington DC
Torn Down. Now a used car lot.

7. 1309 New York Avenue, N.E. Washington DC (Little Tavern Shop No. 8 )
Moved to 1251 New York Ave.

8. 1251 New York Avenue, N.E. Washington DC (Relocation of Little Tavern Shop No. 8 )
Torn Down. Now a school bus parking lot.

9. 628-632 North Capitol Street, N.W. Washington DC (Little Tavern Shop No. 6) Built 1931
Restored 1983. Demolished 1988.
Torn Down.

10. 2716 Good Hope Road S.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 26)
Torn Down. Now a strip mall.

11. 718 H Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 12)
Converted. Now Super Nails.
Built 8/29/1935. Permit # 183945. Architect G.B. Wenner. Estimated cost $7,500.

12. 3968 Minnesota Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 23)
Torn Down. Now strip mall featuring “Rainbow” and “Downtown Locker Room”. Next door to former Senator Theatre, built 1942.

13. 2537 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 24)
Converted. Now Continental Construction Next door to the former Highland Theatre.

14. 6th Street and Morse Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. (Little Tavern Shop No. 27)
Converted Now Subway.

15. 504 13th Street N.W., Washington, D.C.
Torn Down

16. 828 North Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia
Built of brick in 1940 (Building Permit #2542, 5/22/1940)
Resurfaced with porcelain enamel panels 1959 (Building Permit #15009, 5/27/1959).
1993- Friendly Tavern (BAR Case #93-8, 1/6/1993)
1994- Hogs on the Hill (BAR Case #94-104, 10/5/1994).
1995 – Jerry’s Subs (BAR Case #95-189, 12/20/95)
2005- Merry’s Subs Pizza (BAR Case #2005-00226, 10/19/2005)
2008- Asian Wok Cafe
Converted Now Chinese Restaurant. Photo taken during Little Tavern days.

17. Wisconsin Avenue and Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland (Built c.1939)
Converted. Now Golden House Chinese Food.

18. 135 Main Street, Annapolis, Maryland
Closed/Torn Down Nothing left at the site.

19. 11143 Viers Mill Road and Grandview Avenue, Wheaton, Maryland
Torn Down , Though sign-frame is still there, advertising Chuck Levin’s. Site Plan. Painting.

20. 6414 Holabird Ave Baltimore, MD 21224 Opened 1983. Closed 2008.
Closed. Picture.

21. 3515 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224
Closed. Picture.

22. Greenmount Ave, 32nd St. Baltimore, MD
Converted. As it appeared originally. Now Sea Blue. Formerly Kennedy Fried Chicken.

23. S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD – South of Eastern Ave
Torn Down. Picture.

24. 519 East 25th Street Baltimore MD
Converted. Now Pizza Deal.

25. Belvedere Ave. Baltimore, MD- East of Park Heights

26. 10 Park Ave Baltimore, MD
Converted – now Lighthouse Pub

27. 7413 Baltimore Ave College Park, MD 20740
Converted Photo – Until 2009- JD’s Roadhouse. 2010- closed

28. 8230 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD
Torn Down Read full story here and here.

29. Corner of Fenton St. and Wayne Ave. Silver Spring, MD
Torn Down Picture as Chinese Restaurant . Pictures as an operating Little Tavern.

30. 3333 M. Street NW Washington DC –
Converted Now Sweetgreen

31. 1303 Wisconsin Ave NW. Washington DC –
Converted Now Paolo’s

32. 655 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E. Washington, DC 20003
Converted Now Little Pub
Built 11/26/193(5 or 6) , architect Frank B. Proctor, Estimated Cost $5000, Permit no. 208645

33. 3125 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA
Converted Now Goody’s

34. Rt. 1 Laurel, MD –
Converted Now Laurel Tavern Donuts Blog Post.

35. 7801 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, Maryland
Gone/Converted (Seasonal)

36. 1221 U Street, NW – The Hamburger Grill
Gone. Storefront? Run by Little Tavern Shops. Referenced in 1933 “The Afro American” And

37.The Shops at National Place (Club LT- opened 1987)
529 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

38. Former Little Tavern? Now Tarbouch
3110 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA


7 thoughts on “Little Tavern Locations past and present

  1. I think I remember eating at the one in Ocean City a number of years ago. When I say eating at I mean sitting at a picnic table outside. I’m in DE at the moment, if I get a chance to swing down to OCMD I’ll see if I can snap a photo of what it is now.

  2. 3110 Lee Hwy Arlington was a LT. It was the last one I was in. Best I can remember was the early 90’s. I picked up a few styrofoam cups as souvenirs for my Dad and myself. Still have one. Great memories as a kid. Miss ’em.

  3. There was also a Little Tavern in Bethesda, MD on Pearl Street, close to BCC High School,where i attended 1973-76. The very last Little Tavern as far as i know was on University Blvd in College Park ,MD . As the Georgetown and Bethesda locations folded, I’d have to drive out to the one in Wheaton on Viers Mill Rd, close to Wheaton Plaza. When THAT one folded, i’d drive out to the College Park location!! Like the Arlington one listed in the comment above, it closed in the early 90s as well. *SIGH* LOVED the grilled onions on the burgers that you’d “Buy ‘Em By The Bag'”

  4. are there any litttle taverns left? sometimes progress sucks. go back to the days youget great burgers by the bag. white casstle comes close but still not the same. get that letter writting campain going. long live little taverns lol

  5. I may have a picture of the Little Tavern in Louisville Ky sold in 1935. Sold to Herman A Parris Sr. in 1935. He is my grandfather and he got his start working at the Little Tavern Shop. The location was at the corner of Douglass Blvd and Bardstown Rd. It was renamed as the White House Shop No 1.

  6. Great to find this blog. I was trying to figure out what happened to the Little Tavern near Chuck Levin’s music (on Viers Mill Road) and learned it was torn down. Wish they’d declared the building a historic site.

    The good news is that in Laurel, the building remains as does the old burger recipe under the banner of Little Tavern Donuts. I try to go at least once a month. Keep the last remaining LT alive!!!

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