Jim’s Flyin’ Diner – Southbridge , MA

This is one of the most out of the way diners I’ve hit up, way out of town, at the Southbridge Airport. Our mapquest directions let us down, and we had to stop for directions downtown, asking both at the library and the post office. Only one person knew what we were talking about, and we got our directions.

Upon reaching the airport, where it is located, it turned out to be closed (we visited in April, which apparently is out of season). It was incredibly cold, windy and bitter, so upon seeing it was closed, we cut the picture-taking to a minimum, just to get back into the heated car. I can’t imagine the diner does much business to people outside of the airport traffic which it is there to service.

A composite panorama showing the diner’s proximity to the runway

The boxy little ’50s diner partially obscured by the roof and deck

The interior of the diner. Interesting that the interior old style enamel barrel roof was still used by master at this late date (c1958), especially when contrasted with the exterior of the diner, which seems quite up to date, with its sharp, crisp lines. This manufacturer isn’t very common, with less than fifteen thought to be in existence.