Hot Shoppes Locations

Washington DC
5103 Georgia Ave NW
14th and Rhode Island Ave NE

1733 Rhode Island Ave NE

4340 Connecticut Ave NW
4th and Florida Ave NE
2301 Bladensburg Rd. NE
4110 Wisconsin Ave NW
5400 Wisconsin Ave NW
1621 H. Street NW
Georgia Ave and Gallatin St. NW
Meridian Hill Hotel Cafeteria, 16th and Euclid NW
McLean Gardens Cafeteria, 3811 Porter St. NW
1404 Park Road NW
14th and G St. NW (Colorado Building)
Commissary- 1234 Upshur St. NW
Washington National Airport
4700 South Capitol Street SE
Twin Bridges – Marriott Motor Hotel – Rt. 1

Mt. Vernon Blvd, Alexandria, VA
Rt. 1 Alexandria, VA

2700 Shirley Highway, Shirlington, VA
3130 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA
4707 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

So. End 14th St. Bridge, Arlington, VA (PHOTO)
Rt 29 and 211, Rosslyn, VA
7th and Grace St., Richmond, VA
2710 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA
3410 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA
Alt. US 1 and Fall Hill Ave, Fredericksburg, VA
9490 Main Street Fairfax, VA
6601 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA

Wisconsin Ave at East West Highway, Bethesda, MD (PHOTO)
7980 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD
8643 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD
5315 Baltimore Ave. Rt. 1, Hyattsville, MD
Mighty Mo Shop – Queens Chapel Road and Hamilton St.
Mighty Mo Shop – 6899 New Hampshire Blvd, Takoma Park, MD
7300 Baltimore Blvd, College Park, MD (PHOTO)
New Hampshire Ave and University Lane, Langley Park, MD
Capital Plaza, Landover, MD
Laurel Shpping Center, Laurel, MD
11190 Viers Mill Road, Wheaton, MD
Wheaton Mall, Wheaton, MD

Baltimore MD
3330 Reisterstown Rd
5807 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD
Hecht Company – 4501 Edmondson Ave


6101 North Broad St., Philadelphia, PA
66th and Market St., Upper Darby, PA
McMichael and Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA
4535 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

534 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, UT

New York
New York Thruway (7 locations) (PHOTO)
Northern Blvd and Shaker Road, Albany, NY

Locations along Sunshine Parkway

North Carolina
1100 Summit Ave, Greensboro, NC


57 thoughts on “Hot Shoppes Locations

  1. I kind of miss them. The restaurants, the cafeterias (all brands of which seem to be almost completely gone around here), and the “Hot Shppes, Jr.” which were turned into Roy Rogers (or was it Ginos?)

  2. Are there any Hot Shoppes open. I bought a Hot Shoppes cookbook expecting such thins as the recipe for Pappy Parker’s Smokey Mountain Fried Chicken but no such luck.

  3. I used to work at the one up the street from Sidwell Friends School on Georgia (?) or Wisconsin Ave. The one that ran into Georgetown. & Shirlington. J. Williard asked for me to wait his table twice at Shirlington. I didn’t know who he was the first time. My Sister also waited tables at Shirlington.

    • I remember fondly our family’s Sunday dinners at Hot Shoppe in
      Shirlington. I believe the children’s meal was $.35 and included fruit cup as an appetizer, great entrees with two sides and hot fudge sundae for dessert! The chicken noodle soup was a great favorite too and we often bought it for carry out.

  4. Double R Burger was my favorite from Roy Rogers. Nice thick burger with thin sliced ham & horseradish sauce. I have a menu here at home with 259 items on it. Other wise I’d have hamburgers every night. Double R is on it though. Last Roy Rogers that I knew about was at the last service plaza south of Charlestown,WV on the WV Toll Road

    • There are quite a few Roy Rogers in area, Rockville, Gernantown, Burtonsville, 2 in Manassas, Leesburg and I’m sure there are others.

  5. The one labeled as 14th St. Bridge in Arlington, VA is mislabeled. That’s the Key Bridge and it was in front of the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in Rosslyn.

  6. There was one at the 14th Street bridge that later became The Sirloin & Saddle. They were open Christmas morning at least because my family & I had breakfast there every Christmas morning for many years

  7. French fries with gravy!!!!! at the one on Georgia ave, in Silver Spring Md. only 200 meters past the dc line and after a night of drinking at Shepard park!!

    • OMG French fries with gravy — my absolutely favorite. Hot fudge ice cream cake and what was the name of the double stacked hamburger (like the forerunner of a big mack but sooooo much better? Mighty MO! Yesssss
      Connie class of GHS ’65 Alexandria, VA

  8. There was a Hot Shoppes in Jenkintown, PA until 1984 at 835 Old York Rd.,at the intersection with The Fairway. Barnes & Noble later bought the site and tore down the HS for a new building. CVS is on the site now.

    • That’s the one I was looking for too! I went there a lot as a kid. And then would go in the late ’80s when I was sick in order to get their “thick” chicken soup! YUM!

  9. 58 years ago my husband and I went there when he wasn’t on duty. It was a place he could afford since he was in the Navy. We went to the HS on Hunting Park have next to the Tasty baking co.

  10. Just discovered a restaurant at the Marriott Marquis Hotel near the D.C. convention center serves items from the Hot Shoppes menu.

    Also, they don’t list the H.S. Cafeteria at Montgomery Mall, Guess they skip the cafeterias. Also was told at my class reunion that a BCC class got Marriott to cater their reunion with Hot Shoppes food. Great idea!

  11. The Mighty Mo was a must have with an Orange Freeze! Remember going with my Mom to HS in Langley Park (University Blvd. @ New Hampshire Ave). U ordered speaking into the box U hooked to your car….. wow the special times with Mom

  12. I am loving that pic you show of the HS that was on Georgia Ave. just before the old Walter Reed Hospital (circa 1960’s). The really special thing in the pic is the “Polar Bear” ice cream place! OMG it’s been s0 long in my memory. It was our family outing on Sunday’s – their lemon custard was epic l!! Does anybody sell lemon custard like that anymore (a la Gifford’s – Ga. Ave Silver Spring, Turner Lab – University of Md and 31 Flavors at Prince Georges Plaza… remember when?

  13. I was a Hot Shoppes # 15 drive-in waiter in 1951, in Alexandria, VA. I was 17 and that was my first full-time job. I still remember what I learned there about dealing with other people, being reliable, and earning some real money. I can still sing the company song played as part of a radio commercial every day starting with –“Hot Shoppes, Hot Shoppes, all around the town..”

  14. The Hot Shoppe on Rhode Island Ave NW was located at the corner of RI Ave & 14th St. NE it was not on RI ace & 17th St NE. The photograph is also incorrect. The Hot Shoppe had curb side service. I grew up right down the street from it. It was replaced by a Hot Shoppe Jr… Then a Roy Rogers… Eventually a Laundromat was evicted there… It has been replaced.

    • Different locations, one at 14th and RI, one at 17th and RI at different times, check company literature.

      • When my wife and I were courting for a year, then married for a year, as I was stationed at the Naval Security Station at Mass/Neb., we frequented (right word) the Hot Shoppes on Wisconsin near Nebraska for meals and in Rosslyn for a late evening mambo sundae. I even had a Thanksgiving dinner alone there while my wife-to-be went back to Greensboro for family. Enjoyed every Teen Twist.

  15. Right on the edge of Philadelphia, we had a much-beloved Hot Shoppes at the intersection of Old York Road and The Fairway in Jenkintown, PA. It was across from the John Wanamaker department store, and as a child it was a special treat to shop for new school and dress shoes and Keds, buy Easter attire, Christmas shop and then go across the street to Hot Shoppes. Even my dad and uncles enjoyed Hot Shoppes. Wanamaker’s is now a PetSmart and Old Navy and a Barnes and Noble stands where the Hot Shoppes was located. Many people still drive past and say, “I wish we still had Hot Shoppes!”

    As for Gino’s, the were farther up York Road, on the south side, and they sold not only burgers, but KFC Fried Chicken. It wasn’t until Gino’s closed their doors that KFC started opening their own locations.

    The Roy Rogers down by my parents’ house in Glenside (and my high school) lasted until the mid-90s, when it became a Boston Market. It’s now a combination Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins. I live in coastal central NJ now, and Roy Rogers are coming back! Now we don’t have to wait for a road trip on an interstate to enjoy a Double-R-Bar burger or their great fried chicken!

  16. Good morning. The photo showing Hot Shoppes at the south end of the 14th Street bridge actually shows our Hot Shoppes at the end of Key Bridge in Rosslyn across from the Street Car turn around on the site of the current Key Bridge Marriott. Thank you, Ed Myers

  17. The Hot Shoppe in Shirlington, Va was my first summer job in 1965. I will always remember the good work ethic I learned there and the other employees who were there for me through High School and college. I recall the baby tiger at the Washington Zoo being named Mighty MO. It was the best time of my life.

  18. The Hot Shoppes was our favorite hangout in Baltimore in the early 60’s – where kids would hook up for great burgers and French fries with gravy before heading out to parties. “Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end!”

  19. My family and I went to the Hot Shoppes Cafeteria in the Wheaton Mall as I recall every Thursday, where my wife and I had liver and onions. The kids had other things.
    I was in high school just before WW2 we used to go to the hot Shoppes on Georgia Avenue and have cheeseburgers with their version of a root beer milkshake. What did they call that? Frosted A&W?

  20. Hot Shoppe use to have a season salt that was at the that I would put on my Mighty No does anybody else sale that seasoning.

    • Hot Shoppe use to have a season salt that was on the table at the restaurant that I would put on my Mighty Mo I have been looking for that seasoning forever. Does anybody know where to get the seasoning or do they even make it anymore.

  21. I was a cook at the Bethesda location during summers home from college. 1969 and 71. The pay wasn’t much but it was great for my social life. I dated every waitress in the place! I think a high rise and parking lot are there now.

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