Little Tavern Table of Contents

Efford Anderson obit
Bob Bonsall obit
Employee photos- 1964
Beatlemania hits Little Tavern
Baltimore Little Taverns- 1964
Little Tavern Christmas
Baltimore Updates
Baltimore Dec 2010
Hampden LT

Washington No. 7
Washington No. 12
Washington No.20
Washington No. 22
Washington No. 24
Washington No. 27
Washington updates
Club LT 1987

Silver Spring
Wheaton Mural
College Park
College park old photos

Little Tavern Matchbooks
Little Tavern Matchbooks pt. 2
Little Tavern box
Little Tavern Mugs
overcounter promo
ebay LT

Diamond Jubilee at the Club LT
Franchising update
July 19, 2010
83rd Anniversary
Little Tavern mysteries
updated list
Rebirth of Little Tavern
The Little Tavern that could
Past and Present
May 2009
Harry F. Duncan
Robert F. McFadden


5 thoughts on “Little Tavern Table of Contents

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  3. Enjoy your website ! I used to eat at White Towers restaurant downtown D.C. in 1960, located at 14th & I while stationed at Ft. Belvoir Va. Adele …? was the server and we somehow met over one of their hamburgers…..has anyone seen or heard of her in the White Tower chain of employees ?

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  5. I would love the opportunity to start a little tavern shop in WV I know it would be a big hit. I used to eat at little tavern restaurants when I was a kid growing up in Baltimore

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