White Coffee Pot Locations

Linden and North Ave, Baltimore, MD

3515 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD – later became a Little Tavern

NR Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD

Edmondson and Monroe, Baltimore, MD

Greenmount and 32nd, Baltimore, MD

2503 Pennsylvania near North, Baltimore, MD

1423 N. Charles, Baltimore, MD

304 W. Franklin, Baltimore, MD

5214 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD

5730 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore, MD (1959)

1230 Eastern Blvd, Baltimore, MD (1959)

7857 Eastern Blvd, Baltimore, MD (1959)

6833 Loch Raven Blvd, Baltimore, MD (1959)

15 thoughts on “White Coffee Pot Locations

  1. There was also one on the NW corner of York at Bellona Ave in Lutherville
    where the NATIONWIDE KIA car dealership now stands.

  2. More White Coffee Pot Locations Frankford Ave and Belair Rd Baltimore, MD, Harindale Mall Ritchie Hwy Glen Burnie, MD. There was also one on Pulaski Hwy near the in incinerator. I worked at all these locations some 35 years a go.

  3. In the 1960’s there was. White Coffee Pot on Howard Street in Baltimore, but I don’t remember which corner. Baltimore Street? Anyone know?

  4. There was also one in the corner of the Laurel Shopping Center. It closed around 1970-71 and became “The New Yorker” for a time.

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