Toddle House Locations

I’m trying to put together a comprehensive list of locations of the Toddle House chain. Here’s a start- if anyone has any more locations, photos, questions or comments, please leave a comment! At one point, they had over 260 locations. Figure in openings and closings during the time period the chain was active and you’re looking at a lotta toddle.

Albany, Georgia
425 Oglethorpe Ave

Albany, NY
206-208 Washington Ave
547 State Street (?)

Alexandria, VA
6210 Quander Road
6306 Little River Turnpike

Amarillo, TX
1219 West 10th Avenue

Atlanta, GA (Pic)
508 Peachtree St
724 Ponce de Leon
1810-1/2 Peachtree St (still there – now home to

Baltimore MD
4518 York Road (Still there – now home to Mario’s Pizza House)
5713 Hartford Road (Still there – now home to Big Bad Wolf’s House of BBQ)
Possible Toddle House.
SE Corner N. Charles and 26th Street
5408 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore MD
4804 liberty heights road baltimore md
3308 Garrison Boulevard Baltimore MD

Baton Rouge, LA
648 Florida St.
214 Chimes St. (Pic)

Bethesda, MD
8017 Wisconsin Ave (Still There, wedged in between two other buildings in a narrow lot)

Birmingham ALA
936 S 20th St
2010 S. Highland Ave

Buffalo, NY
628 Delaware Ave
421 Delaware Ave
2725 Main Street

Charleston WV
1422 E Washington St

Charlotte NC
629 S. Tryon St
1801 Scott Avenue

Chattanooga TN
537 McCallie Ave
Brainerd Road
3603 Ringgold Road Photo


Chicago, IL
71st St.
966 Green Bay Road (demolished recently) (Pic)

Cincinnati OH
2520 Victory Parkway (Still there? ACE Cash Express?)
3332 Reading Rd
3321 Clifton Ave
2043 Madison Road

Cleveland Heights OH
12380 Cedar Rd

Cleveland OH
10641 Carnegie Ave.

College Park MD
9206 Baltimore Avenue (Still There. Now College Park Diner)

Columbia SC
1419 Gervais St.

Dallas TX
3115 Oak Lawn Ave
4007 Ross Ave
3405 Gaston St

Dayton OH
434 Salem Ave

Des Moines IA
2122 W. Grand Ave.

Detroit Mich.
5520 Woodward Ave.
7865 E Jefferson St
15412 E Jefferson St

District Heights, MD
3450 Donnell Dr (Still There. Now a Starbucks)

Durham NC
1003 W. Main St. (Still There. Now the West Main Restaurant and Entertainment Lounge)

Evanston IL
1814-16 Sherman Ave
935-37 Chicago Ave.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
1251 E. Sunrise Blvd. PIC

Fort Worth TX
401 S. Henderson
3001 W. 7th St.
1700 Block Hemphill St near W Allen Ave

Franklin Park, IL
2448 Manheim Rd. PIC

Grand Rapids MI
1013 Lake Drive Ave.

Greensboro NC
507 W. Market St.

Harrisburg PA
914 N. Third St.
1823 Third St.

Houston TX
2013 S. Main St.

Indianapolis IN
2420 N. Meridian St.
1602 N. Meridian St.
907 N. Pennsylvania (Still There. Now Datsa Pizza)
714 E. Maple Road

Jackson MI
314 N. State St.

Jacksonville FL
637 Riverside Av
749 Park St. (Sign Frame still there. Sign now for Riverside Park United Methodist Church)

Kansas City MO
4179 Mill Creek Parkway
9 W. 63rd St. (PIC)

Knoxville TN
1801 W. Cumberland Ave

Lakeland, FL
244 North Florida Avenue

Laurel, MD
14402 Baltimore Avenue (Still There. Now Einstein Bros. Bagels) Photo

Little Rock AR
415 Broadway

Louisville KY
1445 Bardstown Rd.
1245 S. Third St. (Pic)
912 S. Fourth St.

Madison WI
562 State St.

Memphis TN
1168 Madison Ave.
1322 Union Ave (Still there – now CK’s Coffee Shop)
325 N. Cleveland St.
1703 Union Ave
1915 Poplar Ave
615 S. Bellevue

Miami, FL
7251 Biscayne Boulevard (opened 1954. Picture)
1231 SW 22nd St.
101 SW 27 Ave.
940 NE 79th St.
899 NE 125th St
5779 SW 8th St.

Minneapolis, MN
1781 Hennepin Ave
11 W. Franklin St.
219 Tenth Ave SE

Mobile AL
801 Government St.

Monroe LA
212 Louisville Avenue

Montgomery AL
212 S. Court St. (storegfront? Deco Grayhound Station)

Nashville TN
3003 West End Ave
1607 21st Ave

New Orleans LA
611 S. Carrollton Ave
1521 Aline St. (Still there? Leo’s Caboose?)
2656 Canal St.
1655 Hickory Avenue

New York, NY
77th and 37th. Queens.

Norfolk VA
1300 Colley Ave (Still There)

Odessa, TX
1831 E. Highway 80

Oklahoma City OK
1307 N. Broadway
319 N. W. 23rd St.

Omaha NE
4818 Dodge St.

Philadelphia PA
4531 N. Broad St.
6128 N. Broad St.
4023-25-27 Chestnut St.

Pittsburgh, PA
2119 W. Liberty Ave
116 McKee Place (Entry roof looks right, building looks wrong)

Raleigh NC
603 Hillsboro St. (Still There, and remarkably in-tact. HealthSourceChiro)

Richmond VA
2235 W. Broad St. (Still There – Now the City Diner)

Rochester NY
282 Alexander St
265 Park Ave

St. Louis MO
526 DeBaliviere St. (pic)
3852 Lindell Blvd.
727 N. Kingshighway

St. Petersburg, FL
601 34th st noth
931 4th st.

San Antonio TX
1022 Main Ave. (Now Club Essence)
2301 Broadway

14 State Street (Grayhound Bus Station)

Schreveport LA
1330 Fairfield Ave

South Bend, IN
614 N. Michigan PIC

Springfield IL
420 S. Fifth St.

Syracuse NY
618 Genessee St.

Tampa, FL
Hillsboro Ave
2706 E Fletcher Ave

Temple Terrace, FL
8626 North 56th Street

Toledo OH
1919 Collingwood Blvd.

Trenton NJ
356 W. State St.

Tulsa OK
1405 S. Boston St.

Utica, NY
287-1/2 Genessee St. at Daken

Washington DC
5314 Georgia Ave (Still There, now JJ’s Carry Out)
4000 Wisconsin Ave (Moved? Location at 4700 Wisconsin Ave)
1021 19th St. NW
1971 Calvert St. NW (Still There- now storage for bus terminal?)

Wilmington DE
702 Delaware Ave

Winston Salem NC
814 W. Fourth St.


170 thoughts on “Toddle House Locations

  1. There was a Toddle House at 20195 Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Currently it’s a Boston Market Chicken and unrecognizable since being renovated.

    • There was a Toddle House opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico back in the 1950s. It was on Central Avenue (also US Highway 66) near Nob Hill. I loved their hash brown potatoes — think they might have been inspired by the Swiss dish Rösti

  2. Detroit area Toddle House restaurants, 1967:

    5514 Woodward Ave
    7607 Woodward Ave
    18701 Grand River Ave
    1985 E Jefferson Ave
    15412 E Jefferson Ave, Grosse Pointe Park
    20195 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe Woods
    23720 Michigan Ave, Dearborn

    Detroit area Toddle House restaurants, 1949:

    2881 W Grand Blvd
    15518 Livernois Rd
    7865 E Jefferson Ave
    916 W McNichols Rd
    7607 Woodward Ave
    15412 E Jefferson Ave, Grosse Pointe Park

  3. I have a newspaper pic of my father at work at a Toddle House in the early 1940’s. Problem is, my parents lived in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC late ’30’s and early 40’s, so I don’t know which Toddle House this pic was taken at. I’d be glad to share pic if you will tell me how to post it. Both my parents are gone now, so I can’t ask them.

  4. i work at the toddle house in 60s and 70s at one time it was five toddle house in richmond,va.i got some photos once was toddle house

    • toddle house in richmond,va. 2237 w.broad st.,2727 w.broad st.,1037 w. grace st.,4013 w. broad st.,6919 patterson ave.,4702 froset hill ave.

    • There was also one in Ewing Twp, NJ on Parkway Avenue near Lower Ferry Road. There is now a large diner on the site.

  5. southeast corner of 74th street and Broadway in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. Across from the Subway stop and Triboro bus terminal at 74th St. & Roosevelt Ave., up to the 1960s. Went there as a little kid back in the 1950’s! Became a auto school office and still is today.. You can still see the roof of the original shop!

  6. Utica NY had one on upper Genesee Street and another one was in Trenton NJ, on Chamber’s Street I belive it was. And then there was on in New Haven, Conn but cannot remember the
    street it was on. The last I knew, all were still there in the late 60’s.

  7. There were 4 Toddle Houses total in Evanston Il. but not all at the same time. One was near Clark and Orington and was tottled on a truck up to the Hubbard Woods section of Winnetka to 966 Greenbay Rd (Linden) of which you have a picture. You listed one in the 1800 block of Sherman but that one was in the 1600 block on the east side of the street and was the only one not in a free standing building. You were correct about the one in the 900 block of Chicago Ave. The last one was at the northwest corner of Howard and Clyde. These last two looked like the one they moved to Winnetka but did not have the store room in the back like the Winnetka one.I had eaten in all 4 of them.

    • You seem pretty knowledgable about the Toddle House’s in the Chicago area. Any chance you know who managed the Toddle House on Sherman in Evanston back in the early sixties?


  9. The Toddle house at Three Chopt rd and Patterson was originally a Crown Central service station . It went to being the Toddle House about 1970. The building’s last tenant was a Dry Cleaner . The Toddle House at Ryland and Grace , ( worked there once ) is now torn down about 1979. The Safeway company needed room for it’s Produce department . Now they’re all gone .

  10. Do the two you listed in Albany NY still exist? I am hoping to visit them next month if they do; researching my parents courtship days.

  11. There were two in CT back in the 50s and 60s that I know of. One was on Farmington Avenue in Hartford CT and the other on New Britain Avenue in Elmwood (West Hartford). My mother used to take me to the Hartford location for burgers when I was a kid and I just loved the burgers!! Wish they were still there! The one in Hartford looked like the first pic you have on here.

  12. I believe there was one in the bexley area in columbus, ohio. It was mentioned in Bob Greene’s book Be True to Your School. Does any body know where it was?

    • According to Bob Green’s book “And You Know You Should Be Glad” in Chapter Nine the Toddle House was on East Main just off Remington.

  13. According to the February 4, 1938 San Antonio Express newspaper, the two Toddle House locations in San Antonio were at 2621 Main Avenue and 2303 Broadway.

  14. My parents worked at Toddle Houses during the 1940s. Some of the stores that they worked at included: Winston-Salem, NC, 878 W. Fourth St.; Worchester, MA, 784 S. Main St.; Springfield, MA, 273 State St.; Jackson Heights, NY, 78-18, 37th St.; Hartford, CT, 108 Farmington Ave., and Hartford CT, 907 Farmington Ave.

    • My mother used to bring me to the one in Hartford in the 50’s…I wonder if I would think the burgers are as good now as I thought they were when I was kid.

    • The Toddle House on Farmington Av, West Hartford, in the 1960s, just east from South Main St., had become a “Dobbs House” by the time I left the area in the mid-1970s. I spent many a late night in that little restaurant. The W.H. police often frequented it. In fact, in the 1960s W.H. had a curfew after midnight – no more than 2 people could be walking together. We (3 to 5 of us) would leave our friend’s house (on Outlook Ave) and try to get to the restaurant before the police stopped us. If they caught us, no more than two of us could walk together; the others had to cross the street and walk separately. It was actually kind of a game for us.
      I lived in W.H. from 1959 to about 1972.

      • I remember the Toddle House on Farmington Avenue in Hartford from the 1950’s. My mom would take me there and I remember the smell of the burgers cooking and it was like heaven. We would often go after a movie and sit at the counter and have a burger and I’d have a Coke and my mom would have coffee and I felt so grown up…lol. I thought they were the best burgers I ever had.

  15. Youngstown Ohio had two Toddle House locations. I do not have pictures but they were located on Wick Avenue on the north side of town and on Market Street on the south side.

  16. Does anyone have a picture of the Toddle House in Grosse Pointe Park, MI? I lived there in the sixties and I remember an old one and then they built a newer version. Great home fries!!

  17. I remember in the 50’s early 60’s there was one at about 1260 Chapel St, SE corner of Dwight St in New Haven CT, now a parking lot. There also was a White Castle, I believe, at about 236 Crown S, SE corner of College St. in New Haven if anyone cares.

      • Yes, there was one on Farmington Ave. in Hartford, CT. It was across the street from the Aetna Insurance Co. Bldg.–Stopped there sometimes before second shift–there is a parking lot there now–PROGRESS!

    • yep, I worked there for awhile back in the late 60’s, my dad managed the New Haven house for awhile as well as the 3 in jackson Heights, NY

    • I think that there was another Toddle House in New Haven CT, in the late 50’s & early 60’s. I think I walked past it when going to the former St. John The Evangelist School, near Yale New Haven Hospital, maybe 50 feet west of Howard Avenue, on the odd-numbered side of the street. It is now part of a parking lot near Yale-New haven Hospital. I think it was of cinder block construction.

  18. The Toddle House in Winston Salem, NA was located at 878 West Fourth Street. It is now Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro. You can see it on googlemaps. I don’t recall one at 814 West Fourth…

  19. Enjoyed the Toddle House site. I have no picture but also one was located at 5834 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219 (Irvington). I ate their as late as the spring of 1975. It is now a ‘La Escollera Mexican Restaurant’. Gracias and adios amigo.

  20. It was a great place to go…sitting at the counter…we had cheeseburgers and I had a coke, my mom drank coffee. I always felt very grown up there. It was just so different. Miss it.

  21. There was A Toddle House in Jenkintown Pa(right outside of Philly which went along with the 3 Philly locations mentioned ,,,So what about the Hash browns,,I remember them being the BEST !! Was it just the Philly locations or did all the Toddle House locations have awesome potatoes..David in Philly

    • Nob Hill Toddle House was on southwest corner of Central and Solano. The one on Central in about the 70 some hundred block was a floral store in 1971.They served a very good hamburger.My friend Jim Yoder and I used to stop there for a hamburger after basketball games at College of Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande. Jim was a very intelligent guy and spent many years at Sandia Labs. He was my best man in 1967.RIP Jim. I’m still going down in flames.

  22. I worked at one in Elizabeth, NJ during summer break from college.
    It was in the early 80’s and located on Broad Street, not far from the Newark border.

    During those few months, I learned cooking skiils that I’ve used all of my life.

    Thanks Toddle House!

    • The Elizabeth Toddle House was located between what is now 433 and 455 N. Broad St. It stood in what is now a Wendy’s drive-up exit onto N. Broad St.

  23. It would be wonderful to post Toddle House Recipes as well. No one seems to have the originals posted online, especially their Pies.

  24. we need a toddle house in Gonzales la . restrauants over crowded at la 30 and I 10
    wait for seats at waffle house. plenty room for location in this area ted

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  26. According to the book “And You Know You Should Be Glad, by Bob Greene, there was a Toddle House in his hometown of Bexley, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

  27. There was a Toddle House directly across the street from the Post Office in Little Rock, Arkansas back in the 1940s.
    This location was on 5th street between Broadway and the State Capitol building.

    You have one listed being on Broadway but to my knowledge it was the first Minute Man restaurant ever and never called a Toddle House. It had the first microwave I ever saw…in the 1950s.

    I don’t know what is on the original Toddle House location, but the Minute Man location became. a Regions Bank building.

    The Toddle House across from the Post Office was very popular and one of my mother’s favorite places for coffee and pie in the 1940s.

  28. I worked at the Toddle House on Colley Ave. in Norfolk, Va. when I was 18. I worked the graveyard shift from 10 p.m. to 6 A.M. by myself. I met my first husband there in Feb. of 1965. He was a Norfolk Policeman, and would stop for coffee during his shift. We married in June of that year. I can still flip eggs like I did then. If I remember right that little place only had 10 stools and no booths. It was very cozy. I have a picture of me taken by a patron, and boy, that’s a lot of water under the bridge. I especially loved the cream pies, chocolate, coconut and banana. Yum!

  29. In San Antonio, you have the current Club Essence at 1022 Main, listed as a former Toddle House. I believe that you mean the nearby 2015 Club at 2015 San Pedro. If you Google Streetview the address, it is obviously a former Toddle House, and the two would have likely been too close together, for both to have been former Toddles, unless the San Pedro location moved to Main, the latter eventually demolished. No part of Club Essence looks to be a former Toddle, with the peaked roof in back, belonging to a garage behind it.

  30. I remember a Toddle House on Walton Way in Augusta, GA near Richmond Academy. I would be interested in knowing if the business or building still exists.

  31. There were two Toddle Houses in Hollywood Florida. The one at 2649 Hollywood Blvd still looks pretty much the same. The one at 101 S Federal Hwy has been extensively remodeled but you can still tell that it used to be a Toddle House.

  32. What a great effort. I grew up in Dallas and learned to drink coffee at THs that were all over town. You missed Preston Center( the only storefront I ever saw), West Lovers Lane, and across from SMU. I had an early morning paper route and woke up in the TH each morning. At Texas Tech I went to one on 34th Street. (About 1958-59)

    • There was also a Toddle House at 19th & Avenue W which was very close to Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. The 19th Street and 34th Street locations are donut shops these days but recognizable as old Toddle Houses. The one at 6th and University was torn down.

  33. My father managed the Toddle House on the University of Tennessee campus at 1801 West Cumberland Avenue from 1936 to 1942.

  34. There was a Toddle House diner in Jackson Heights, Queens, N.Y. It was in a store front on 37th Ave between 8 2nd and 83 rd street. I don’t know when it closed or what is in the old location. I left the area when I went in the Navy in 1949.

    • Reading some history of Jackson Heights 37 th ave between 82nd and 83 rd st, the area burnt down and a multi story building was put up in the location

      • Does anyone know the secret to the Humpty Dumpty on let’s they used to make?

    • The store on 37th ave was on the corner of 77th st.. There was another on Northern Blvd between 82nd & 83rd st, right next to a nite club “Tune Timers”. I worked there for over a year back in the mid -late 60’s, mostly overnights.. Great memories

  35. Toddle House became Steak and Egg! Please visit out current location at 4700 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016 202-686-1201. We are open 24/7 and will remind you of the “good old days!” We are in the process of opening a second location and will begin a remodel of our original location in April 2015 but would welcome anyone to stop on by!

  36. The Toddle House on West Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh is in a borough called Dormont. Looking on Google Earth, it is now a place called Tom’s Diner. My memory is it was right up to the sidewalk, so I think it’s a replacement building on the same small plot of land. I sold newspapers at a newsstand about two blocks from there in the mid 1960s

  37. @debra Payne on November 18, 2014
    I used to eat at that Toddle House location (4700 Wisconsin Ave NW) back in the 70’s. I remember them having THE BEST hash browns in the world! I hope you have continued the tradition. I no longer live anywhere near DC but if I’m ever in the area again I’ll definitely make it a point to stop by and check you out. Here’s a current Google Map Street View of this former Toddle House location/your store.,-77.080878,3a,75y,227.59h,78.34t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sX1eWWIiLSjur0wmIvn8B7g!2e0

  38. I remember the Toddle House in Wilmington, Delaware near the old Wilmington High School. What a treat to dine there.

  39. There was a Toddle House on Lovers Lane in Dallas, Texas in the 50s. It was on the north side of Lovers Lane, across the street from Inwood Village Shopping Center, about a block east of Inwood Road. Ate there many times as a very young boy- loved going for waffles on Saturday mornings with my Dad and big brother. Wish I could go once more!

  40. There were two in New Jersey that I know of. One was on Clinton Ave, in Newark, the other was on North Broad St in Elizabeth,

  41. There was a Toddle House on Hwy 20 ( 1st Street) in Abilene,Tx..I worked there in 1972 as a waitress/cook.. I learned how to fry an egg without using a spatula.Flipped them in the pan…I loved it there…when noone was there we would feed quarters into the jukebox and dance with the mop..It was sandwiched between 2 car lots so we got alot of business..I miss that place…I moved away for a time and it had been turned into a Steak and Egg…But that closed and I dont know what’s there now.

    • Google 3700 Central Avenue, Albuquerque,New Mexico. The building on the southwest corner of Central Av SE(US Route 66) and Solano next to State Farm was a Toddle House.Look at the building from Solao and you can easily see it was a TH. Another in about the 4200 block of Lomas NE on the south side of Lomas. I can’t find anything that looks like it was a Toddle House. along the south side of Lomas just to the east of Our Lady of Fatima church.. Ate many a late night hamburger there. Another Toddle House was located on Central Av SE in about the 7700 block. It was a florist shop when I was last there in about 1971. Can’t see anything that might have been a TH along that stretch of .LomasRegards to you

      On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 4:34 PM, Diner Hunter wrote:

      > Francis Panariello commented: “The one in Delaware was on Delaware > Avenue in Wilmington”

    • Up date. The Toddle House on Central Ave SE I said was in about the 7700 block of Central SE is at 7832 Central Ave SE. You can see that the Hair Salon was once a TH. I got two out of three. Couldn’t find the one on Lomas. There may have been others in Albuquerque but I only remember the three east of the Nob Hill area. I believe Fatima’s east parking lot was the location on Lomas.

      On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 7:27 PM, Ojo Felix NM wrote:

      > Google 3700 Central Avenue, Albuquerque,New Mexico. The building on the > southwest corner of Central Av SE(US Route 66) and Solano next to State > Farm was a Toddle House.Look at the building from Solao and you can easily > see it was a TH. Another in about the 4200 block of Lomas NE on the south > side of Lomas. I can’t find anything that looks like it was a Toddle House. > along the south side of Lomas just to the east of Our Lady of Fatima > church.. Ate many a late night hamburger there. Another Toddle House was > located on Central Av SE in about the 7700 block. It was a florist shop > when I was last there in about 1971. Can’t see anything that might have > been a TH along that stretch of .LomasRegards to you >

    • There was another Toddle House in Wilmington, at 41st & N. Market St., in the 50’s – 80’s, or there about. The building still stands, as a different eating place.

  42. 3776 Central Ave SE (Route 66) Albuquerque, NM. Next to State Farm. 7832 Central Ave SE (Route 66) Albuquerque,NM Now the “Hair Salon”. 4100 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque,NM. A TH was located next to the Fatima parking lot. This TH could have been on the corner. No trace to be seen. Enjoyed late night burgers here in the early sixties.Take a drive up Central Ave and see for yourself. I saw a lot of “Grapes of Wrath” California bound Okies on US 66 in the mid forties and early fifties on this street from a Albuquerque Bus Co bus.

  43. The original Toddle House in Amarillo at 1219 SW 10th is now called the House Bar. It is still open and has been several different businesses. House Bar is trying to bring back the house theme of the building.

  44. There was a Toddle House at Guadalupe and 29th St in Austin, TX very close to the UT campus. Great (and cheap) hamburgers and hash browns!

  45. Thumbs up for TH burgers and hashbrowns. My friend and I liked to stop for a burger after basketball games at the College of Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande in Albuquerque. Thanks for your input sir. My regards

  46. In 1957 a Toddle House was located at 626 North Lamar, Austin, Texas. It was on my paper route as a 12 year old. I stopped every Sunday morning after throwing my paper route for Banana Pie and a glass of milk. It was the finest single thing that I remember from childhood. I go on-line about once a year hoping that someone has remembered the recipe for that Banana Pie. Has since been a GM Steak House, Gus’s Hamburgers, among others and is presently a Counter Cafe.

  47. I remember well the Toddle House in Des Moines, IA. I think it might have been on Grand Ave., but I am not sure. Stopped there with my Dad many times when I was a kid (back in the mid-late 60s). We lived on a farm about 20 miles southwest of Des Moines, so going to the ‘big city’ was a big deal, and no trip was complete without a stop at Toddle House.

  48. I worked at The Toddle House on Michigan Ave in South Bend from 1967-1969 while I was an undergraduate at Notre Dame. Best remembrance of my college days. Great little diner. Served great chili, burgers 🍔 and eggs. At the time, the manager/ owner? was a woman named Mary ?, her disabled son Skip, and her daughter? I don’t have any photos. Wish I had taken some. It was attached to a motel. Very popular 24/7 eatery!!!

  49. In the 1960’s there was a Toddle House on Lee Highway, in Arlington, VA near Glebe Rd. not far from the more famous Tops Drive In. Great for that late night meal.

    • There were 3 in Jackson Heights, 37ave & 77th ST, Broadway & 75th St, Northern Blvd between 82nd & 81st Streets

  50. When I attended Florida State University in Tallahassee from 1963 – 1967 my friends and I would walk from our dorm to The Dobbs House at 685 W. Tennessee St. for the delicious waffles. The building is still there but is now Donut Kingdom.

  51. The Toddle House @ 2043 Madison Road was in O’Bryonville a small community in Cincinnati. I lived up the street with my family till I was 9 and we moved away. I now live in the same area, the restaurant is gone and in it’s place is a small park. If you like I can send you a photo of the park.

  52. There was one next to the post office on S. Gessner in Houston, Texas. Mom and I ate there a few times when I was little. Closed in the mid 80’September as the neighborhood really began to change

  53. I ate at Toddle House on Wisconsin Avenues often through the 1950s to mid 1960s in Washington, DC. I have a photo of the building taken in about 2014. Do you want me to email to you?

  54. My entire extended family worked at Toddle house when I was a child. I can still recall the taste of their strawberry cream pie.

    • You’re wrong Kathy. It was located at 600 Scott Street. I was a cop in WF in the seventies on the midnight shift, and we always stopped there for a coffee break.

  55. In the 1950s, the Toddle House in Dormont PA was at the corner of West Liberty and Mississippi Avenues. There is an on-line book called Dormont which has a photo on Page 116. The caption implies the building was moved from an earlier location in Pittsburgh. I think the address you have on your list was just outside the city line in Dormont not in Pittsburgh.

  56. The one in Greensboro NC was on Summit Ave, not Market St. i grew up there and going to Toddle House for Black Bottom pie was always a huge treat!

  57. There was one in Abilene, Tx! It was on south 1st st. Thr building is still there. Now its a car title and payday loan place. My grandmother, my mother, and I all worked there over the years!

  58. For years my Mom was the assistant manager at the Atlanta Cabana Hotel located on Downtown Peachtree St. Often I would go to work with her on Saturday, and have breakfast a few blocks down at The Toddle House.

  59. There was a Toddle House in the K-mart on 431 and Ross Clarke Circle in Dothan AL in the early 70’s ! I’m actually named Bradford Todd ! Lol

  60. Vvvthere were 2 that I know of in Youngstown Ohio one was on market st ant the one I worked at was on Wick ave at Scott st. As an employee they trained you how to cook the Toddle House way. You were not allowed to use a tool to turn over eggs or potatoes. You must learn to flip them over by flipping the handle so the product flew above the pan. Then the pan was never washed. We had to put salt in the pan and rub the pan with a paper napkin.

    • Dallas Toddle House photos. See attached. RegardsDavid N

      From: Diner Hunter To: Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2017 11:09 AM Subject: [New comment] Toddle House Locations #yiv0553696288 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0553696288 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0553696288 a.yiv0553696288primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0553696288 a.yiv0553696288primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0553696288 a.yiv0553696288primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0553696288 a.yiv0553696288primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0553696288 Felix lazazzera commented: “Vvvthere were 2 that I know of in Youngstown Ohio one was on market st ant the one I worked at was on Wick ave at Scott st. As an employee they trained you how to cook the Toddle House way. You were not allowed to use a tool to turn over eggs or potatoe” | |

  61. There is one in Wilmington DE at 4304 N. Market St It’s now called the Post House and it’s in pretty good shape. My mom used to work at this Toddle House.

    • The previous post is incorrect. At 43rd (Lea Blvd.) & Market was, and always had been, since being built in 1950, a Post House Restaurant, which closed on June 17, 2012. The Toddle House in that area of Wilmington was at 41st & Market St., in the 1950’s through 1970’s, later becoming a Steak & Egg, among other names. That building still stands, as a greasy spoon with no known name. The ex-Post House is still at 43rd (Lea Blvd.) & Market, now known as Jerry Deen’s.

  62. I was told that a little restaurant named JP’s Bagel Place in Hollywood FL once was a Toddle House. The address is 2649 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020. I’ll send a photo if you’d like.

    • Toddle House 5621 W. Lovers Lane Dallas Tx.

      From: Diner Hunter To: Sent: Monday, June 5, 2017 10:09 AM Subject: [New comment] Toddle House Locations #yiv3705856154 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3705856154 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3705856154 a.yiv3705856154primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3705856154 a.yiv3705856154primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3705856154 a.yiv3705856154primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3705856154 a.yiv3705856154primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3705856154 Chris Cardona commented: “I was told that a little restaurant named JP’s Bagel Place in Hollywood FL once was a Toddle House. The address is 2649 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020. I’ll send a photo if you’d like.” | |

  63. Wish Toddle House was still around and I could dial time back to 1960. Things were so simple then and there wasn’t the myriad of choices that we see today. It was X Y and maybe Z but one didn’t have to spend five minutes deciding on a package of frozen corn. Come to think of it, I don’t think frozen vegetables were ever available in 1960

    City is misspelled on your list as Schreveport

    Also according to news article possible one on Greenwood Road…From old times article… memories of when I worked for Toddle House Restaurant on the midnight shift from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. A lot of nice people came in, both local and people just traveling east or west through Shreveport-Bossier City. “I was working the midnight shift when it first became legal for a black person to be served in the front of the restaurant, the same as a white person. About two minutes to midnight, the other waitress and I saw a black postal worker walk across the street from the Greenwood Road post office. At straight up midnight, he was seated on the end stool. 1 have often wondered if he was as nervous as I was when I served him. July 2, 1964.

  65. I am a born and bred DC native. I’m writing a fiction story about a kid that grew up in the Brightwood area. He lived on Illinois Ave, just a few blocks up from (now get this) a Toddle House, Hot Shoppe and Little Tavern. Part of my story plot has him bragging his Grandmas pancakes were ten times better than the Toddle or the Shoppe. Thanks for your superb efforts.

  66. There was a free standing white Toddle House on a little hill on Wayne Avenue a hundred feet from Chelten Avenue in the 1950’s. I ate there every weekend. They had a pecan waffle they called a Nutty Wheel and they made a puffy omelet with baking soda in it avd it blew up like a balloon.

    • My building was built in 1968. It was later turned into a steak and egg. I always wondered why there were no fireplaces but there are 2 chimneys.

  67. My mother worked at a Toddle House in Meridian, Mississippi in the late 1950’s. I don’t know the location or address unfortunately. If anyone does, please let me know. Mom just passed away recently and I plant to visit Meridian in the near future.

  68. 2218 University Blvd E, Hyattsville, MD 20783

    It was a Toddle House for a fewyears but closed in the 80’s after life as the Steak and Eggs Kitchen


    9206 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740

    Built as a Toddle House in the 90’s and now lives as a independent diner

  69. Pretty sure the Des Moines, IA Toddle House still stands, but at a different address than 2120 Grand Ave.

    Check out Victoria Cleaners at 2722 Grand Ave on Street View.

    Unknown if the posted address is incorrect or they moved the building.

  70. In Orlando, Florida, in the 50s and 60s it was on Mills Avenue, near Colonial Drive. Don’t remember the address. In high school, we liked to go there at any time of day. Wish I could remember the name of our favorite waitress. The wafuls and chocolate cream pie were big favorites.

    In Durham, NC, it was right near the women’s campus, maybe on Station Road. I played with the Duke Ambassadors, and we often went there after a gig to have a big breakfast.

  71. There was a Toddle House in Texarkana, Ark when I was growing up in the 60s. It was on US Hwy 82 (Ninth Street). The building is still there, although vacant and boarded up.

  72. Regarding your post about Toddle House locations in Baton Rouge LA.

    The location at 648 Florida Street can be confirmed. William Davis, Author of the book, “Rambling Boy and Friends: A Story of a Boy Growing Up” mentions the location and address in his book. His mother managed that location.

    The possible location at 214 Chimes Street. It was the Dutch Mill at one time, and possibly a Toddle House before. Perhaps the City Directory can confirm this.

    In the Facebook group “Old Images of Baton Rouge”, a location on 3rd street is mentioned and a picture is shown. No address is provided. Feel free to join the group and use the search bar to look for Toddle House.

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