Ollie’s Trolley

I ate lunch here today.

First things first- look back at the previous post. Do you notice any similarities between the Waffle Shop and Ollies? The unusual horseshoe counter is there, and while it is now standing room with a dining room adjacent, it’s obvious that it once had stools. There’s the same undercounter wire rack. The terrazzo floors are nearly identical, with the same tan floor and salmon foot rest. Both have a primarily glass facade (at least on the counter section). And both have similar tilework. Though the theme is different, the execution is very much the same, and it’s not something you see very much.

Was this originally a Waffle shop?





And for reference- here are two Ollie’s Trolley’s of the trolley sort.
Louisville, KY (c) Spencer Stewart 2005
Former Ollies Trolley in Virginia  (c) Spencer Stewart 2007


2 thoughts on “Ollie’s Trolley

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  2. I don’t believe this was ever a Waffle Shop although certain aspects are very similar. In the early 1950s, this was the Queen Bess Coffee Shop. It was succeeded by Beefe ‘n’ Rolle, which was later replaced by Ollie’s in 1989. A 1950s postcard of the Hotel Harrington shows the Queen Bess Coffee Shop storefront and the counter and red round stools can be glimpsed through the window.

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