Tastee Diner, Bethesda, Maryland

While I’m on Tastee diners, and while I still have access to my dad’s slide archive, let’s take a quick look at the Tastee over in Bethesda, an old O’Mahony.

Here’s how it looked back in the early ’80s?, before the roof was added, before the addition was put in, before the building went up behind it, before the sign was taken down.

Here’s what it looks like now. It hasn’t changed much outside since this photo was taken. This photo isn’t mine, but none of mine were from the correct angle to roughly match the old one.

a little closer in.


1 thought on “Tastee Diner, Bethesda, Maryland

  1. Ahhhh,…thank you soo much for these pictures!! I am born and raised in Bethesda and my parents always took my sisters and I there and as we sat in those booths that are ANCIENT,…we would listen to my dad talk about all his boyhood adventures of growing up there in Bethesda back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s!
    He would tell my sisters and I how when he and my mom were dating back in 1967-69, they would come in and sit a various booths!!
    I love those memories something so!!
    He would just talk and talk and talk about the old days of Bethesda and sometimes,…one of “Bobby Darin’s” songs would come on and my dad LOVED Bobby, that would just add more nostalgic fule to the fire and he would get sooo happy!
    Daddy went to be with the lord in 1998,…and I miss him beyond words,…I miss “Tastee Diner” greatly,…I miss Bethesda,…alot!!
    Thank you and God bless!!

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