Olympic Confectionary – Halifax, Nova Scotia

My first lunch counter experience from my new home, and a great one at that. It’s located on Barrington St. , across the street from the train station. The two gentlemen in before us had been going to the Olympic every day for fifty years. It has been in the same family since the 1970s.

The breakfast was excellent, cooked on the small grill behind the counter, and was extremely inexpensive. The coffee was great, and was served in classic green and white diner mugs.




March 1, 2010


5 thoughts on “Olympic Confectionary – Halifax, Nova Scotia

  1. Chances are it’ll be gone within a year.

    The longtime owner died, so now it’s being run by the kids. The son, who was running the place while we were there, seemed very conflicted about it, it was, after all, where he practically grew up, and it was his parent’s lives.

    But the business that once packed the confectionary has all disappeared. The neighborhood, once solidly working class on one side, and office buildings on the other, has changed, so the lunch counter’s food business is almost dried up. A new grocery store across the street has taken nearly all of their convenience store sales, as well. And all the kids already have very good jobs that they can’t, or don’t want to quit for the hard life of a diner owner.

    • The Family were the mst kind hearted and understanding people I have ever met in my life, I was heart broken to here about the passing of George .. My thoughts and prayers go out to his Family and his many many friends, his Family made me feel like a part of theirs.. I will always remember and be thankful for all that you had done for me. Love Renee’

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