Yankee Diner – Charlton, MA

Here are some shots I took of the Yankee Diner last April. I was stopped by a Massachusetts State Patrol officer while here, not while I was walking back through the woods, not while I was taking pictures or peering through windows, no, according to the officer, I was stopped for looking suspicious, because I was wearing a long overcoat (it was really cold out) and sunglasses.

The diner was/ is closed, but it’s a nice example of an old Worcester lunch car.


The interior. Please note the axe at the far end.

And here’s something, back in the woods that’s of note- the original neon




3 thoughts on “Yankee Diner – Charlton, MA

  1. If you are ever back in the area, I think you’d be interested at stopping at the Yankee Diner now! Myself and my brother are re-opening this historic land mark. Cooking like they used to with all fresh ingredients! We look forward to seeing you.


    • Brian, I hope things go well for you and your brother. I worked at the Yankee Diner with the original owners Bob and Phyllis Brogna, some 25 years ago now.

      Neil B

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