Abandoned Pizza World- Kenilworth, PA

Abandoned “modern” place in PA



edit: The owner of the Rosedale Diner opened Pizza World after the diner’s closing. The diner was moved to the woods across the street from Pizza World, and was featured on the cover of Hall and Oates’ Album, Abandoned Luncheonette. It no longer exists.
Thanks Larry!




3 thoughts on “Abandoned Pizza World- Kenilworth, PA

  1. This was owned by Bill Faulk after he closwed the Rosdedale Diner. The Rosedale was moved from High Street in Pottstwon to right across the street from Pizza World where it became the subject for the title and album cover for Daryl Hall & John Oates’ Album Abandoned Luncheonette in 1973.

  2. I was just wondering how to find out who owns the Pizza world shown in the pictures. please write back if you or any of the viewers know.
    Thanks Joe

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