Smyrna Diner – Smyrna, DE / Cleveland, OH

The Smyrna Diner is a 1965 Paramount diner, which replaced a smaller diner, from 1954. The original can be seen here. At some point, the futuristic exterior of the diner was covered in wood. Recently, the diner was replaced with a modern, on site diner. The old Paramount is now in the capable hands of Steve Harwin of Diversified Diners.






Freestanding sign. I believe this showed up on eBay a few months back.


Original sign, a bit cracked up.


Interior of the diner. Compare it to the vintage photo below.


Interior of the diner.


The exterior of the diner as it originally appeared. Since then, the tilework and much of the stainless has been covered in dark wood, while the windows have been replaced, drastically changing the look of the diner.


The interior of the diner as it originally appeared.


Picture of Diner being moved

The new diner.

Story of diner’s move in the Sun Times – September 24, 2008
– Go to Diversified Diners, then Diners for Sale

From the Diversified Diners website:
“The. . . diner is a 1960’s Paramount Diner which operated in Smyrna, DE since it’s manufacture. It was a local landmark until the late summer of 2008 when it’s property lease expired and a new larger and more modern diner was built about a mile down the road. The Smyrna Diner tradition continues and now the original Paramount diner is ready for a restoration and a new lease on life. It measure 65 feet long by 19 foot wide (in two sections) not including the vestibule. It has seating for 83 patrons.”


4 thoughts on “Smyrna Diner – Smyrna, DE / Cleveland, OH

  1. My friend and I are looking to purchase a used diner that is worthy of being restored and opened for business. We’ve been in contact with a couple of new diner manufacturers, however, it would be great to have a real classic diner brought in and set up. Any ideas? Thanks…

    David Keller

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