Bridgeville Diner- Bridgeville, Delaware

I thought this would tie in nicely with my previous post. The bridgeville is a ’40s O’Mahony, a particularly large model, featuring a striped red and blue enamel and stainless exterior, with blue upper windows. I like the diagonally ribbed tile on the interior, but I’m not sure if it’s original, I’ve never seen it before. This diner is very similar to the recently restored Road Island Diner, though this one has five bands of color, while the road island has four. This exterior is a nice transition from the fully enameled exteriors shown in the previous post to the later fully stainless ones.








10 thoughts on “Bridgeville Diner- Bridgeville, Delaware

  1. It was open as of last I was there, but that was a few years ago, and things with diners can change so quickly.

    The phone number I have for this diner is (302) 337-0722. You could probably give it a call.

  2. The other phone number I found for the place was : 302-337-8990, but that was from a 2004 issue of the washington post, so it’s probably out of date.

  3. ahh, i was there last year, just about this time, or maybe April…
    and it was closed and for sale… ok, these pics are a few years old.

    BTW – how many Hollywood Diner pictures have you been able to find, out of the 6 diners that once were around….

  4. Yeah- it’s been a while since I’ve made it out that way, at least down that far. I have a delaware trip planned for this June if things work out, so I’ll probably be putting up current pictures of the place then, along with a current status.

    I’ve been able to find pictures only of one that’s gone, but I don’t know where I saved them to. The Milford and the Hollywood are still there, of course. My details come from the menu at the hollywood, and a waitress at the milford who’d worked there since its opening.

  5. When I was a kid in the late 50’s and early 60’s we would always stop at the Bridgeville Diner on the way to the beach at Fenwick Island.I loved their cheeseburgers and rice pudding.Great place!
    We also used to stop at the Hollywod Diner in Newark. The decor featured pink and black.That was a cool place too! Anybody remember?

  6. Hi….was wondering if anyone could give any information about the Bridgeville Diner….I am looking for any contact info on the current owner….I am interested in purchasing it and cannot find anything about the place. Thanks

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