Here’s a neat little abandoned place, which looks like it once had a very diner-esque exterior, with the stainless and enamel ribbing.


The sign in the window reads “Spencer’s Trailer Sales”- probably the builder. Was this their office?


1 thought on “Delaware

  1. This is my father in-laws place. It was once a BBQ shack with a few seats inside but mosly takeout back in the 60’s. Paul Spencer used it as a storage shed later when he sold and traded in used mobile homes (‘trailers’ as they all were called back then). He was there until the early 90’s roadside dealing in trailers, backhoes, tractors and any other man’s dream of; ‘I gotta have that.’.. ‘always wanted one of those’ or ‘just what I’ve been looking for.’ Or if you just wanted to stop and talk, that was good too.

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