The Korner Diner- Newark, Delaware

The Korner Diner was closed, and supposed to be “updated” this past october, according to an article in the University of Delaware review.

Korner Diner closes
Tells more of the story of the battle over the diner.

Pictures of the diner from several years back, when I visited.
L-shaped O’Mahony with blue flex-glas. Double doors on the corner

Manufactured by Jerry O’Mahony Inc. Elizabeth, NJ In our line we lead the world

Corner of the diner


curved booths. They’ve carpeted over the floor. Doesn’t seem like there’d be much reason to do that.

interior with back wall of windows. Pink formica, gray booths and stools.

The L-shaped diner is very original, other than the carpeting, and in excellent repair.

Photo of the Korner Diner’s old neon, reading “Newark Diner”. I have another picture, of the diner as Jimmy’s but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. It was also known as Jude’s.


15 thoughts on “The Korner Diner- Newark, Delaware

  1. Hey Dinerman –
    I remember it as the Newark Diner, from my years at Univ. of Delaware and many years later when living again in that area. Ate there occasionally. I really hope it reopens without apartments looming above – these places have soul and I’d like to see them live on.
    – Woodfluter (from Fedora Lounge)

    • Jimmy and my dad were friends in the Navy back during WW2 and Jimmy started out on fourth street Wilmington next to my uncle Angelo’s garage. I posted a photo of them on my Twitter page and will do so again under Walt Willis.

  2. It is supposed to re-open in September 2010 as a Cheeburger Cheegurger diner. From what I understand, because it is on the National Historic Register, the person who bought it had to leave the outside in its’ original state but the inside is being renovated.

  3. From the recent pics I’ve seen of the exterior, it looks like they’ve pretty much wrecked that as well. Truly a shame.

  4. I used to work there in the mid-70’s as a dishwasher. Jimmy’s Diner is what it was back then. Jimmy, a Greek immigrant, owned it and the town loved the place. It was packed all the time, especially for dinner when Jimmy would hang with the local crowds. That was a fun place back then!

    • Jimmy a close Navy friend of my dad’s the served during WW2. I posted a photo of them from back then on my Twitter page.

  5. I’d adore seeing those pictures of when it was Jimmy’s. When I was kid it was Jimmy’s and LOVED going there. It is a very sad day to see it go even though it is different this new remodel just isn’t the same. There are pictures of the new place at,view:smartmaps&ei=inL3TbmCMciNiAKlvZGiBg&dtab=0
    Also, a video on you tube about it closing and a snippit about it’s history at (you’ll have to skip the 32 seconds of dead air at the beginning of the video). Yes, it was the old Hollywood Diner.

  6. I remember Jimmys Diner very well, having grown up in Newark, Delaware as a boy, the diner brings back many happy memories, I also knew Mary Capolious and went to School with her, if my memory servers me correctly the School was Christina High School. Mary was the daughter of Jimmy. If any one sees or knows her, tell her Robbie Badur says hi.

    Hope the Diner opens soon. Good Luck everyone.

    Now residing in London England.

  7. I grew up in Neward during the 60s and I thought Jimmy’s Diner was owned by the Laskarus family or was that the diner down by the old State Theater?

  8. ı had worked as waiter and manager there before ı get deported ı loved that town if ı never went that town ı was not gonna know abut americans and american cuultura what A DAYS WERE THERE LOVE NEWARK… OH MY NAME İS MY NAME İS KEREM FROM TURKEY MAYBE SOME PEOPLE REMEMBER..

  9. I remember it as Jimmy’s Diner. I have a print of Nancy Willis’ pencil and watercolor of Jimmy’s Diner. To the left, it shows Newark TV. I can send a photo of it, if you’d like.

    I’ve actually only dined there twice.

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