White Oak Bowling Lanes

I stopped in here yesterday for a few games. They are celebrating their fiftieth year in business. I’ve been going to these lanes for as long as I can remember.

Duckpin lanes are disappearing all the time. Tuffy Leeman Glenmont Lanes used to be just down the road, but they closed several years back, and I’ve heard reports that the location is now being used to dump garbage.
How To Play




While there, we had a quick bite to eat at the snack bar, a half smoke, fries and a burger for dad.




Suburban Trust Bank. Founded in 1951.
Suburban Trust Building – Rockville.


Entryway mat. The bowling alley is in the basement of the shopping center


The shopping center’s had many new facades over the years

For more, see:
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3 thoughts on “White Oak Bowling Lanes

  1. Wow! I happened on this blog looking for memories of my youth. Looks like I found some here. We used to hang out in this bowling alley in the 70’s. Next to it used to be Sammy’s Villa and a Waxie Maxies. The clock displayed is from Suburban Trust Bank. That was my mother’s bank when we lived in Langley Park during the 60’s before we moved to White Oak/Colesville.

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