Miss Portland Diner- Portland, Maine

The last time we’d visited the Miss Portland, they had closed up shop. The diner was looking sad, the rooftop sign was partially off and with its future looked dim. Since then, the diner has been moved, but only a few doors down, restored, and a new, complimentary addition has been added off the left side.

The diner is Worcester Lunch Car Number 818, and was built in 1949. According to their website, the diner was originally located on forest Avenue, from 1949 to 1964. It was then moved to 49 Marginal way, where it stayed until it closed in 2004. It is currently owned by Tom Manning, who re-opened it late 2008.
Larry Cultrera’s November visit.









I had a short-stack of platter sized blueberry pancakes, with thick cut bacon and a cup of coffee. So often I find pancakes that sit like lead. Not so at the Miss portland, these were light, fluffy, and chock full of blueberries. The coffee was brewed fresh.

Their Website is http://www.missportlanddiner.com/


2 thoughts on “Miss Portland Diner- Portland, Maine


    She looks GREAT now…..the last time Chuck and I saw her she was, indeed, looking down in the mouth! The photos are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! Portland is a ‘destination’ now…just because of Miss Portland!

    I love your blog….keep up the fascinating work/fun!

    Hugs to you….

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