Little Tavern Mug

While at the new years day party of some good friends (and fellow roadside enthusiasts), I spotted this Little Tavern mug amongst their collection. They were kind enough to allow me to photograph and post it.


4 thoughts on “Little Tavern Mug

  1. I lived up the block from a Little Tavern (2600 Connecticut Avenue) and since I was “the young kid” who hung around with the Little Tavern workers they let me have a few broken pieces such as a mug. I also have part of the white siding when my favorite haunt was bull-dozed for the Metro and Washington Federal Savings and Loan.

    I miss the place greatly since it was part of my growing up years and I can still see Charlies, Mr. Johnson, and Cliff serving the best burgers around the old Wardman Park and Woodley Road area. I learned to drink my coffee from them so it is always black and strong.

  2. I grew up with LT burgers. Our family would make a Sunday trip to the Little Tavern in Silver Spring. Bck then they were soooo good. Where Can I get the mugs? i have one and woul dlike to find more….

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