Little Tavern #24 – Pennsylvania Ave SE

A friend sent photos of this former Little Tavern, located at 2537 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C.
According to Library of Congress records, it was built in 1948; Architect Charles R. Zeller. Another record of it, “Working drawing showing assembly of porcelain enamel cladded panels for fast food restaurant as elevations, diagrams, and axonometrics projections”, exists from 1955. According to that record, it was Little Tavern Shop #24


5 thoughts on “Little Tavern #24 – Pennsylvania Ave SE

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  4. I used to frequent this Little Tavern as a young paper boy in the late 60s. I would be out serving papers in the wee hours and would stop in for a few burgers and a chocolate milk for energy and the food was quite tasty as I recall. Very fond memories of me and my brother Mark.

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