Johnny’s Snack Bar- Halifax, NS

Johnny’s immediately struck me as my kind of place. A counter on the right, two rows of booths on the left. The smell of coffee and grilling meat.
A small TV in the corner had the Canada vs. USA mens curling game on. Curling, both this game and the Canada v. China game from the night before were the hot topics of discussion amongst the clientele.

I had a deliciously tender roast beef sandwich. My buddy Phil, the grilled cheese, cut neatly into quarters. My girlfriend, Anna, had a fresh, hand formed burger. Desert between the three of us consisted of a chocolate milkshake, a vanilla one, a strawberry sundae, a chocolate sundae and a slice of warm apple pie ala mode.

6204 Almon St
Halifax, NS B3K 1V2
(902) 454-8154


3 thoughts on “Johnny’s Snack Bar- Halifax, NS

  1. Please send me your comments. We live in Yarmouth but are frequently in the city looking for affordable places to eat. We have been to the Westcliff many times and enjoy the food as much as the owners. I look forward to getting reports from you. I got this on my Google Alert for N.S.

    • You might also try the South End diner, down by the train station, Cousin’s on Agricola, and if you’re looking for pizza, there’s a great old place, Korca’s, also on Agricola. They’re all fairly inexpensive, have good food, and are relatively time-warp-y.

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