Maryland Diner Tour- 1981

Lots of searching finally paid off- now I have an address on Outrider’s Diner, as well as a more recent pic of it and the State Diner.

Outrider’s Diner- It doesn’t seem there’s anything left.
black and white

State Diner- Moved from Laurel. Unfortunately remodeled sometime after 1981

Photo by David Wilson

A color picture taken by David Wilson in 1979, showing the diner in color.

Tastee Laurel
Opened in the early 1930s. Replaced with a Comac. The number of windows in the illustration of the original diner, the doors on the ends and date it was moved make me think that the State may have been the original Laurel Diner.

Tastee Bethesda

Tastee Silver Spring


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