Washington DC Little Tavern Updates

I went to the Library of Congress today and filled in some big holes in my locations.

Washington No. 8, built 1932 was relocated in 1936 or ’37 to 1309 New York Ave. NE, then moved again in 1956 to 1251 New York Ave NE.

Washington No. 9 was located at 5100 Georgia Ave NW

Washington No. 11 was probably located on Benning Rd.

Washington No. 18 was located at 1708 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington No. 19 was located at 1326 New York Ave. NW

Washington no. 20 was located at 655 Pennsylvania Ave SE

Washington no. 21 was located at 1301/1303 Wisconsin Ave NW

Washington no. 22 was located at 133-1/2 Independence Ave NW


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