Seeburg consolette

I gave this to my Dad today for his birthday. It took a lot of cleaning up- it was pretty caked from years of grease and dust, but it looks pretty good now.

It seems these were produced from 1963 until 1968 or so.


3 thoughts on “Seeburg consolette

  1. Got one just like it. I had hoped to hook up the speakers to a regular radio to at least make the thing partially functional as well, but I suspect the sound is pretty horrible.

  2. If you want to hook up the spks, you can either connect directly to them or, use the terminal strips.

    Two points: they are 32 ohm so they draw little current from a normal 8 ohm receiver -only one fourth the power a regular speaker would, but they are very efficient.

    Second, if you go through the terminals you can use the volume buttons but you will have to either bridge the speaker relay (behind and slightly below the title pages) or in the case of a pulse type just trip it with you finger you only have to do this once.

    These aren’t ‘hi-fi” but they are about what a table radio sounds like -not painful. In actual service I shaped the jukebox amp’s response to improve the highs.

    Lit up, these are one of the nicest boxes. Get a 24 volt 1 amp (more or less) transformer.

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