The Streamliner Diner- Fairfax, VA

An old photo, by my dad, Michael G. Stewart, of Bob’s Diner, Fairfax, VA

The diner was originally known as the Streamliner Diner. It changed its name to Bob’s Diner, named after its second owner, Bob Parcelles, who had run the 29 diner in 1952. A large addition was added to Bob’s in the 1970s and the name changed to Bob’s Beef House. It went out of business in 1985, was remodeled and reopened as Mama’s Italian Restaurant.

As it appears now.
9715 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22031

A 1955 Postcard.
Streamliner Restaurant, U.S. Routes 50-29-211 – 1/2 block west of Fairfax Circle, Fairfax, Virginia. Distinctively different food. Open 24 hours – air conditioned. Owned and operated by: Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Parcelle

Another Postcard:
Streamliner diner-restaurant and Bob’s Beef House. Quality foods – banquet and party facilities. Open 24 hours. Robert J. (Bob) Parcelles. Phone 273-0221.
9715 Lee Highway, Fairfax, Virginia 22030.


10 thoughts on “The Streamliner Diner- Fairfax, VA

  1. I worked at Bob’s, washing dishes, and scrubbing pans. I was only 12 years old, I made 2 dollars an hour cash. The head cooks name was T.L. McCormick, and the short order cooks name was George, George was a little scary. So the summer of 72, and 73, Bobs Beef House was my life. I wonder how T.L. is?

  2. This was my father’s place.. It was a landmark in Fairfax City! A corretion to the first caption…he sold the restaurant to Mammas then retired to FL, did not go out of businesss. To Mike…TL was great, he started as a dish washer at 19 and became the head chef, he was there as long as I can remember, wish I knew how he is now. (George was scary!)

    • Robin, I am Mary Youngs daughter. She married Lehman Young in 74 whom she met at your Dads diner. Mom worked there beginning in the 60’s and always helped with banquets into the 70’s. It was my first job, helping around the restaurant and staying out of the way! Mom died 2/11/12 Pop died three weeks later of a broken heart. Would you contact me please? Jenny

    • my Grandmother worked there,..not sure of the years, but BACK in the day….her name was Marian (Booie) Brace (i believe she was with Roland in those years, but could have been with Lynn Campbell by then) i still have an old ashtray from the place when it was called Bob’s beef house…she always went on and on about her days “working at Bob’s”….she passed away back in 2001, and Lynn just 2 years before….saw the ashtray when looking thru some old boxes, and did a little searching…

  3. I took my wife to Bob’s Diner on our first date back in 1980. A couple years later I saw an oil painting of the Diner at Iverson Mall in Marlow Height, MD but I could not afford the $75.00 asking price but I made a big mistake not buying it somehow. I don’t suppose you have seen that or where it is now do you?

  4. I went on a trip to Washington D.C. in 1972 with 27 other friends. The bus driver knew about Bob’s Beef House and suggested we eat there. We were not disappointed. The food was great, the service was excellent and I loved my steak. I always wanted to go back for a visit, but I never seemed to have the time. I regret not taking the time now that I am getting up in years. I can see the sights in Washington any time, but the restaurant is gone now, like so many other places I visited over the years.

    I couldn’t begin to tell you the name of the motel we stayed in, but Bob’s Beef House always stuck with me. I mentioned it to a coworker the other day, and low and behold, he’s eaten there too. I was tickled to find out there was actually someone here in West Virginia who knew the name. I hope no one minds, but I saved the picture of the diner as it was in 1972 for my scrapbook so I can reference it when I speak to my friends about our trip.

  5. I ate there in the early 1970’s and I had a great meal. It’s not often a place like this sticks in my mind. I happened to mention it to a co-worker a while back, and he said he had ate there as well. It was nice having someone remember them eating there. I was there on a sight seeing trip to Washington and the bus driver said he had a great place to eat. No one on the bus was disappointed with the service and the meal. We were there from West Virginia.

  6. Cool blog. FYI – I have a 1966 Texaco Road Map that advertises this as the Streamliner AND Bob’s Beef house, so the addition might have been earlier than what you said.

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