Silver Diner No. 1

Here’s another trip to the Rockville Silver Diner, one of the first retro styled diners in the country. For more than 20 years it has been the flagship of the Silver Diner chain. In a little while it will be demolished.

A shot in bad weather showing the neon.

A better day. Since it opened, the doors were moved from the front of the vestibule and moved to a bump out of the vestibule to the right. A dining room addition was pushed out to the right side of the diner, and corner pieces were added.

Glass brick. Note that the stainless work by the moved doors doesn’t match that done by Kullman.

Later corners.

Ceiling detail in the dining room addition.

Light fixture.

Jukebox and Silver Diner ketchup

As of a couple of years ago, the diner had late ’80s CD jukeboxes.

Randy Garbin of

Out front



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