Sullivan’s Diner- Horseheads NY

I visited Sullivan’s Diner in April of 2004. To this day it remains one of my all time best diner experiences. The well preserved Silk City had just enough wear on it that it felt like home. Locals helped themselves to coffee behind the counter and Mrs. Sullivan doted on her customers like a mother. The dark wood, sliding front door and heavy china transported you back decades. To this day, this formative experience is one that I judge all other diners against.



2 thoughts on “Sullivan’s Diner- Horseheads NY

  1. The Sullivan Diner is now under new ownership Dec 12, 2013 as The Diner remodeled new menue and staff.
    Homemade soups and desserts, great breakfast and lunch menu open from 6am to 2pm breakfast served all day. STOP BY WE’D LIKE TO SEE YA

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