The Hollywood Diner empire- Delaware


2101 N. Market St. Wilmington DE – now a vacant lot

2904 Concord Ave Wilmington DE – Now the site of a pep boys?

137 E. Main St. Newark, DE – Now a Cheeburger Cheeburger
1953 O’Mahony

Dupont Highway New Castle, DE –
I have confirmation that it is still in existence as Kelly’s Diner.
“My father owned the Grecian Diner across from Shooters Supply and the old Crab Shack on 13/40. It was a Hollywood Diner until he bought it in 69. It’s now in Boston known as Kelly’s Diner. We were there a few years ago and it was neat to see the old place thriving in the middle of a city. My father’s cigar burns are still on the chopping blocks!” Mike Klezaras
Additional info.
1948 O’Mahony

Rt. 13 Dover, DE – Recently horribly remodeled. Up until remodeling amazingly intact.
c.1954 Fodero.

As it appears now:

Rt. 113 Milford, DE – Suffered a fire and remodeling, but still shows its diner pedigree.
1042 N. Walnut St., Milford, DE, USA, 19963
Three sectioned Fodero. Appears to have been identical to the Dover Hollywood at the time it was built.


4 thoughts on “The Hollywood Diner empire- Delaware

  1. Looks like Hare’s corner is between New Castle and the New Castle airport, on Dupont Highway. That’s nothing conclusive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it once was a Hollywood.

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