New Silver Diner- Rockville, MD

I went to the new location of the Rockville Silver diner today. I think it’s a little smaller than the former location, the 20 year old Kullman a couple blocks down the road, but it has pretty much the same feel. The corporate offices are upstairs. I got to go up and see those as well. In a nice design detail, they’ve put screens over the second story office windows so that from the outside, they look like stainless panels. The murals on the inside seem to be identical to those at the previous location. I had an excellent burger; nice and juicy, and a mint milkshake with oreo bits.







1 thought on “New Silver Diner- Rockville, MD

  1. The table-side jukebox units are a welcome addition. The rest of decor seems a bit too “thematic” for my taste. I’ve no doubt the food is good, but when I’m travelling, I’d much rather go out of my way to eat at an independently owned and operated, “mom & pop” DINER, rather than a “diner-themed” chain restaurant.

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