Little Tavern franchising update

Back in 2009, I posed about the “rebirth of Tavern”. I emailed the current owner of the “Little Tavern” name Nov 2009, and got an email back today, with this announcement. The information’s just about the same as the last message, but now there’s a website for the “new” Little Tavern Shops.

“Thanks for posting notice 0f the rebirth of little tavern and our commemts
thereto. As to the responses you had regarding same. I note as follows;
We are working hard to arrange the first New Liitle Tavern Operation in
Balto. Co. Md. and will proceed there after to other Md Area’s and DC.
The New Little Tavern’s are to be 1,600 to 2,000 Sq Ft, with modern Fast Food
Facilities, Free Standing or Shop Center Location’s. However we still are in the
design of same, we are retaining, as much as possible the original colors, Building Looks, signage, including pictures of the past locations and originator Harry F. Duncan. Please note anyone intereseted in our progress may go to our Web Site As to Little Tavern Mugs and Hats they can be purchased direct, for now, at our Web Site and will be marketed on Ebay and other sites soon. Dinner Hunter, again thanks for time and effort for posting our information as to Little Tavern Shops.


And here’s the website copy:
JECCO is pleased to announce that the Company has been engaged to represent Little
Tavern Shops in the Licensing Branded Marketing of their Fast Food Restaurant operation.

Whereas, this is directed to existing restaurant operators and others who are or would like to
pursue Ownership of a Fast Food Restaurant by way of their existing Restaurant Operation
or new Start-Up Store, plus a Mobile Unit operation, whichever may fit into your Business

Whereby, as your Licensing Brand Name Partner; Little Tavern Shops provides instant
Name Recognition (Branding) along with a Business Heritage of over 80 years, plus
exclusive Logo’s and Trade Mark ™ identity such as “BUY ‘EM BY THE BAG”.

Little Tavern Shops Operation Policy is flexible to each Owner Operator’s specific needs and
location, plus provides complete hands on assistance to complete the Little Tavern Shops
setup along with a flexible menu with NO Set Up Charges, NO Up Front Franchise Fee, and
a LOW Monthly Licensing Fee all designed to provide the best opportunity for the New
and/or Existing Restaurant Operator to be successful in the Fast Food Restaurant Business
such as the Little Tavern Shops has done for over 80 years.

If you are interested, please contact us at:
Office: (410) 661-4394
Little Tavern Shops is coming back!

Little Tavern Shops is moving ahead in the Licensing Branded Market and we would
like to share our excitement about the opportunities available to you through our
Turnkey Fast Food Restaurant operation.

If you are pursuing a course in the Fast Food Restaurant Market, I hope that Little
Tavern Shops stands out as your choice for a flexible food venue. Your Licensing
Partner must have instant name recognition, and Little Tavern Shops has a heritage
of 80 years which everyone recognizes the Little Tavern Shops identity. We are
flexible to your needs during setup and long after you are up and running.

Our offering to you is to provide on hands work with you to the complete Little Tavern
Shops setup and operation including, flexible in menu selection, low Licensing fee,
which is unmatched by our major competitors, plus is made flexible to provide an
opportunity for the “Little Guy” to go into the Fast Food Restaurant Business, such as
the Little Tavern Shops did 80 years ago.

Even with higher food costs today, Little Tavern Shops still provides the memorable
“BUY ‘EM BY THE BAG” burgers, made to order, direct to the Customer, from our
special original recipe with fresh ground beef (not frozen patties) along with all of our
other savory menu items.
The first Little Tavern Shop opened March 24, 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky, by Harry F.
Duncan. The first Washington, DC location was opened in October, 1928 and the first in
Baltimore opened its doors in June, 1930.

Little Tavern Shops is moving ahead and will be opening New Stores in the MD-DC Area in
the very near future. We have retained every thing related to the past Little Taverns, from
Design, Looks, Colors and Signage, including Pictures of the past & Harry F. Duncan, which
will be incorporated in the Stores and Marketing.

We have the Original Little Tavern Shops cups and hats, which are being re-made and will be
available for sale at reasonable price. To order, call 410-661-4394 or email us at:
The slogan of the chain is still “BUY ‘EM BY THE BAG”, and its signs promised “Cold
drinks”, “Good Coffee”.

James E. Cumbest | President & CEO
Alfred R. Wroy | Director of Store Operations
Ernest C. Velten | Director of Financing
Dennis A. Swindells | Director of Site Locations
Barbara Rogowski | Director of Marketing & Sales


5 thoughts on “Little Tavern franchising update

  1. I saw in last week’s Baltimore business Journal that Wroy Family Enterprises/Little tavern Shops have a current federal tax lien of almost 250,000.00. this was in the public records section, in Harford county. That is where Al Wroy lives when I last spoke to him a few years ago. Any franchise opportunities, of which nobody has taken interest in that I heard about, may now be a non-start.

  2. Little Tavern shops update- not dead , still in operation and making progress. for more info see
    our Web sites Littletavernrestaurants. org/ or Also Little Tavern Hat’s Cup’s Shirts etc are sold on our web sites and on Ebay. It has taken some time, planning
    Hard work to do the write thing in opening new stores. but we now have one store in planing
    Baltimore City Md and one in Washington DC. which will open this year (2016) Store Size 1,500 sq , which will include the actual front design a replica of the 1950 little tavern store Front and interior also duplicated , color’s , unit forms , music and all. I wish to thank dinner hunter (Staff ) for keeping up with Little Tavern and also thank the large public interest It has taken a long time, however we feel we are now on the right track and our love for Little Tavern memoir’s are such that we want to bring it back for the new generation’s to experience the same little superior tasting ,Buy’ em by the Bag Buger’s Little tavern has been providing to the Public for 87 Years. If any one would like to talk to us in person about our Little Tavern Plan of Operation or have interest in operating a Little Tavern Shop’s Restaurant. you may feel free to have them contact Me James E. Cumbest CEO 410-357-9339 and or Cel 443-401-8913 . I also in ending I would like to complement Dinner Hunter for the very large collection of Little Tavern documentation you have on your Web Site, plus picture etc, staring from the first Little Tavern and I have instructed our office to have a link from our Web Sites to Dinner Hunter Site, so people can see and review the Little Tavern Historic information you have Collected. I remain Yours James E. Cumbest Jr Little Tavern Shops.

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