Rockville House

6107 Roseland Dr, Rockville, MD.

I had heard it was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, but it doesn’t show up on the lists of his projects. Certainly looks similar in style.

Year Built: 1951
1 Bathrooms
Approximately 1,316 Sq Ft
Lot size: 23,820 Sq Ft
Stories: 1
Last sold for $155,000 on 12/26/1985







6 thoughts on “Rockville House

  1. Unfortunately I think it’s a lot closer a million these days. The neighborhood is a lot of huge new houses, the more stories and dormers the better. Makes this dug out, squat, one story house look all the more unusual.

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  3. Although not a true Wright house it was patterned quite skillfully by the architect after one. Can’t remember where the original was at the moment. Sold this May for $800K and sadly is now completely demolished by the new owner. Can’t wait to see what could be so much more aesthetically appealing as to warrant it’s distruction.

  4. Really a shame, isn’t it? May not have had the famous name on it, but it looks like a damn good piece of design. I bet there will be a enormous McMansion blight upon the landscape going in.

  5. Drove by and saw the results the other day. Rather ordinary country farmhouse looking two story. Absolutely despicable. I took a photo, but don’t know how to post it.

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