Highland Park Diner

We visited this one in 2004? while in Rochester, NY for spring break. It’s a very cool town- visited the Eastman Kodak museum, ate at Dinosaur BBQ, Nick Tahou Hots (home of the garbage plate). This diner was built by the Orleans Diner company, and I believe is the last one standing. It did a stint as an OTB establishment, during which time the interior was gutted. It’s been reconstructed since then.Photobucket


These posts were ones I initially wrote about two years ago, with no text or anything. Found them the other day while going through older posts of the blog. I’ll be putting up text as I have time.


2 thoughts on “Highland Park Diner

  1. It would’ve been nice, but I don’t have those photos saved to my computer- they’re on disks back in Maryland. Now that my insanely busy workweek has finished, I’m going back in and putting the text into these two year old (unpublished) posts, so don’t worry, you won’t have to do quick google searches on the rest.

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