Rettig’s Restaurant, Houston, TX – 1950

Rettig’s Restaurant, Houston, TX
MacKie & Kamrath, Architects
An interplay of wood forms and textures produce an arresting, easily identified building. Setbacks in plan permit window for each booth. Service drive is adjacent to kitchen, routes delivery trucks away from customer parking. Location of entrances permits closer supervision of all areas.



Waist-high windows allow use of built in seats along outer wall, still permit interior and exterior views.

Site plan



2 thoughts on “Rettig’s Restaurant, Houston, TX – 1950

  1. A beautiful Googie design, but with “environmental” exterior materials. It’s almost as if they were predicting the 1970s when many places would be refaced with shingles and wood.

    Notice on the plan there are no rest rooms for customers – only workers.

  2. Any idea if this was actually built or the location? I have the article (along with the Philadelphia Hot Shoppes) and I have never come across anything like it here in Houston or any references to it.. 😦

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