Matt Mays – February 17, 2011

I’m a big fan of Matt Mays and all the talented folks in his band.
Anna and I saw guitarist Jay Smith at the Tribeca in December. He’s recently released a solo album, aptly titled, “Jay Smith”. You can listen to it on soundcloud or buy it on itunes. Really catchy pop-rock.
We saw the “Carletones” at the Carleton, consisting of Adam Baldwin, Jay Smith, Serge Sampson and Tim-Jim Baker.

The show was opened by Christina Martin and her band.

It was a start to a Gretsch guitar filled night.

The weather cooperated for this one- just above freezing, which made the whole night much more enjoyable. The huge crowd filled the grand parade (renamed Celebration Square for the Canada Games, presumably to confuse locals). We managed to show up early enough to get relatively close to the stage. The crowd seemed a bit younger than the other shows. More high school and first year students- more people showing up late and pushing their way to the front.

The band put on an excellent show. Mays knows how to work a crowd, and the guys in the band seemed to be having a great time.

Matt Mays and Adam Baldwin







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