Neon Sampler

From an old book on architectural lettering.

Drake Apparel- Pittsburgh area.

Olsen and Ebann Jewelers- Chicago, Ill

Lombard’s Restaurant – Pittsburgh area

Lenton- Toledo, Ohio

Teamster’s Joint Council- Portland, OR

Reed’s – Toledo, Ohio

Roxie Cinema- Pittsburgh, PA? I can’t find anything about the theater, about the film “Little Brimstone” or the actress “Jean Fox”. Nothing either for “And Moonlight Too” starring Lisa Swan and Robert Dickey. A mystery. Maybe it’s an architectural model for a theater which was never built? Difficult to tell from the picture.

State Madison Building – Jamestown, NY

Grand Rapids Grocery.


2 thoughts on “Neon Sampler

  1. These are wonderful! I love the old jewelry store entrance. Morstein’s Jewelers on South Light Street, Federal Hill in Baltimore has that upward sweep style. Seems out of place now whenever I pass it.

  2. I have a black belt in Googling, and I couldn’t find anything about either Jean Fox or “Little Brimstone” either. There’s not even a movie of that name listed in the Internet Movie Database ( Strange.

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