Gwinn’s Restaurant- Pasadena, California

Here’s some California Coffee Shop/ Drive in architecture, designed by Harold J. Bissner and Harold B. Zook.

Zook is son of architectR. Harold Zook . Here are some of his other projects: 1252 Inverness Drive, Pasadena, California and the Griffith Residence.

Here is another project by Harold J. Bissner. Volcano House.







5 thoughts on “Gwinn’s Restaurant- Pasadena, California

  1. Hi!
    Since you seem to be somewhat of a diner expert… would you know anything about Benedict’s diner in NYC? Supposed to be close to Child’s diner at the time. I read about it recently in Patti Smith’s “just kids”. It’s not there anymore, but was still operating in the mid 70’s.
    I would love to get hold of some pictures of it, since I ‘m in the restaurant business myself, back in Sweden, and with that name!

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Karin,
      I’ve run some searches, and couldn’t dig anything up, unfortunately. It’s amazing how places can disappear so completely.
      There were tons of Child’s operating in NYC, but I’m not sure how many by the ’70s, so that doesn’t narrow the location down too much.
      Still, someone’s bound to know something, so if any of you can help Karin, drop a line here in the comments.

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