Island Hut- Wheaton, MD

This 1950s Kullman dinette recently reopened as the Island Hut. They’ve done a lot of work on it- not top notch, but it looks a lot less trashed than it did. The color bands between the stainless are painted 2x4s, the bottom stainless has been replaced with some kind of plastic, as has the curved section over the door. The top stainless trim like some kind of hardware store jerry-rig. But I have to say I much prefer it to just stucco or stoning over the whole place like they could.





3 thoughts on “Island Hut- Wheaton, MD

  1. Hey, Randy,
    I’m back- taking some photos around here, going for a vacation up to PA this coming week- then back for the week after that. I’m going to try to make it to the Diners of PA event- are you going to be there?

  2. I stopped by Island Hut and let me tell you the oxtail and
    curry goat was amazing so if you like carribeen food get over
    there and the customer service was great!

    New Customer

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