Floor Tiles and Terrazzo

Lillian’s- Cumberland, MD

Lillian’s was a girl’s shop. Source

Spear’s – Cumberland, MD

Spear’s was a Jewelry Store. Here’s a picture before the original signage was covered up.

Ormond- Cumberland, MD
I’m afraid I’m not sure what Ormond was.

Thom McAn – Cumberland, MD

Thom McAn was a shoe store. I just bought a pair of spectators made by them in the 1950s, back when they still made a high quality shoe. Their quality dropped off considerably in the ’70s and now they’re the bottom of the barrel K-Mart brand.

Peskin’s – Cumberland, MD

Peskin’s was a large clothing store. It closed its doors in 1992.

Coyle Bros. – Cumberland, MD

Coyle Brothers was a supermarket, located at Virginia and 3rd

Hotel Titlow – Uniontown, PA

George Titlow opened the Hotel Titlow in 1905. At the time, the hotel cost $200,000 to build.
As business prospered a fourth floor was added and the hotel extended back to Peter Street. The Titlow Hotel earned a statewide reputation as headquarters for wealthy politicians and coal barons.
During prohibition, Titlow the hotel, saying, “You can’t run a hotel without spirits.”
Source: Titlow Tavern


Arrow at a Jewelry Store – Uniontown, PA

I can’t say I’ve ever seen one like this. I love it for it’s simplicity. It’s the Terrazzo equivalent of the neon “EAT” arrow. Stop looking at your feet and come on in and take a look around. It’s the door terrazzo inlay that’s always relevant, no matter the current tenant of the building. This is located at the corner of Rt. 40 and Morgantown St., right in the heart of downtown. The building is occupied by Hostetler’s Jewelers, which has been in the building since 1969. I’m not sure what was there before that, but the building itself dates back to before the civil war.


4 thoughts on “Floor Tiles and Terrazzo

  1. Ormond was a women’s clothing chain, which I rememember seeing in shopping malls in the 1970s. I’m not certain what happened to them- Wikipedia bombed out, and Google brings up everything about Ormond Beach, Florida!

  2. Our building (and this particular entrance) has housed a jewelry store from at least 1925. In 1925, S. Joe Levinson had his jewelry store, to the best of our knowledge, the Shine Brothers (Julius and Irving) owned in during the mid century era. Ambers had their store here from 1961 through 1969. We moved to this location in 1969 and have been here ever since.

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