Little Taverns of Baltimore – 1964

Depending on your monitor size, this picture is about actual size. This tiny print, about 3″x5″ has fourteen Little Taverns on it, taken in about 1964. It has some I’ve never seen on it. I’m going to try to put a number, location and date on as many as I can. If anyone can take a look at my “Little Tavern Locations” post and give me some second opinions, I’d appreciate it.




2002 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD Property sold October 1937. Likely opened early 1938.

Baltimore No. 5
Conkling Street.

Little Tavern Baltimore No. 7. Built April 11, 1936.
519 East 25th Street Baltimore MD
Converted. Now Pizza Deal.

Looks like a single digit number, which would put this one in the 1930s.

3200 Block of Belvedere Ave. Baltimore, MD

Definitely an old one. Stone construction. Pre-streamlining. This could very well be Baltimore Little Tavern No. 1 – 1/2 East Mount Royal Ave






Here’s a storefront Little Tavern.
400 block of East Baltimore St. Baltimore MD- formerly canmaker’s hall. Storefront location. Still there as of 1993.
“The Block”

While I’m at it, here are all the Baltimore Little Tavern locations I have at the moment. Unfortunately for most of them I don’t know what they look like.

June 2, 1930 – Baltimore No. 1
1/2 East Mount Royal Ave

1930- Baltimore No. 2
Greenmount Ave, 32nd St. Baltimore, MD

Jan 29, 1931, Baltimore No. 3
908 W. 36th St. Baltimore MD

March 21, 1931 – Baltimore No. 4
East. 25th Street, Baltimore, MD.

August 1, 1931- Baltimore No. 5
Conkling Street by the Grand Theatre

Jan 2, 1936 -Baltimore No. 6

April 11, 1936 – Baltimore No. 7

March 9, 1937 – Baltimore No. 8

900 Block of West North Ave, Baltimore, MD
Robbed of $26 in Dec 1952

115 West Baltimore St. Baltimore MD
Property purchased Dec 21, 1939

3515 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224

2000 Block East Monument St, Baltimore, MD
Robbed 1968

S. Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD – South of Eastern Ave
Torn Down. Picture.

10 Park Ave Baltimore, MD
Converted – now Park Avenue Grill. Formerly the Lighthouse Pub


2 thoughts on “Little Taverns of Baltimore – 1964

  1. There’s more to come, too!
    Any of these locations look familiar? They’re all so close up it’s hard to get enough context to place them within the city, and since most of them are gone and there are no captions on these, it’s not much to go off.

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