Little Tavern employees

Owner of the Little Tavern chain Harry F. Duncan on the left, John Duty in the middle, and Robert (Bob) Bonsall on the right.


A close-up. Take a look at the badge on his hat.

Now would you look at that- there it is! These are all from the collection of my friend Larry Collier.

And a picture of Bob Bonsall at his desk at the Baltimore Little Tavern office. December 1964. I have another picture in my collection taken in the same office at the same time.

And their business card.


7 thoughts on “Little Tavern employees

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  2. The man in the middle is my Grandfather John Duty, he worked for Little Tavern until his unexpected passing in 1982, he worked his way up to GM of some stores; I used to go on store visits with him…..

    • GB,
      My biological grandmother and my adoptive grandmother worked at Little Tavern between 1959-1965 in Baltimore, I think. I am searching for my biological grandmother. With your grandfather working for Little Tavern in the time frame, I was wondering if you had some access to old records of employees or anything that would be helpful. Please email me @ with any information you may have. Thank You for your time. Daniele

  3. john duty was my grandfather. my dad still talks about Little Tavern and how his dad would take him to work with him all the time. he has many happy memories of that place!

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