White Diner Tamaqua PA

The White Diner is located at 548 Penn Pike (Rt. 309) in Tamaqua Pennsylvania.

It started out its life as two Tamaqua and Lansford interurban trolleys/railcars. They were placed in an L shape, over a creek, on a plot of land between 309 and the railroad tracks. The one parallel to the road serves as the main diner, the one perpendicular as the dining room. A kitchen addition joins the two.
Here’s a photo of what the car looked like in its operational years, and another in its early years of operation, taken in the 1930s.

Here’s another shot, from the 1940s. The neon reads “Jake’s White Diner”. The diner advertises Counter and Booth service and adjoins a gas station.

It’s all still there, but has been bricked over, mansarded, and the windows have been replaced.

The gas station has been re-purposed as additional dining area, and additional construction has joined the two. The main entrance has been relocated to the vestibule just past the trolley, between it and the gas station.

The trolley car housing the dining room/ bathroom faces away from the road and has escaped modernization and environmentalization to a greater extent. The lines of the trolley are still evident.

The back of the diner.

A great diner backbar. There’s a big window so you can see what’s going on in the kitchen.

Flex-o-unit stainless

Terrazzo floors. Formica. Red topped chrome stools. What’s not to like?

More removed remodeling. Pretty amazing underneath. The original windows are still in the outer wall, behind more paneling.

Heres a section in the dining room where the paneling has been removed.

Chowder. My dad got the Friday haddock special with enormous hand cut fries.

The homemade macaroni and cheese. Just like my great aunt used to make.


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