Michael’s Modern Shoe Shop

Frackville, PA

The way the colors on this place have weathered is beautiful. I wonder how long ago this place was “modern”.

You see a lot of Coca Cola signs, a few Pepsi ones, but not a whole lot of 7-up backlit plastic signs. The name has been painted over, as has part of the 7-up. No idea what occupied the other side of the building Michael’s is/was in.

Dig that texture.

Hanover Shoes authorized Salesman. Hanover shoes was based in Hanover Pennsylvania. They ceased production in 1974.

Old Cats Paw decals. I have a couple pairs of shoes that were re-soled with cats-paw heels. They don’t seem any better or worse than any other heels, but man they look good. They’re just a great piece of design work.



And then just across the street- Larry’s Sport Shop. This one’s for you Mr. Cultrera.


8 thoughts on “Michael’s Modern Shoe Shop

  1. Michaelangelo was my dad and his shop was never modern for 60 years but he was the best in the region. This little shop helped raise a family of 4 kids who all went to college and it served its purpose in better times. Thanks so much for stopping and taking these photos. The family loves them

  2. Great to hear from you, Bob! I wish there were more real shoe repairmen left, but what with today’s disposable culture and all, quality and craftsmanship is all too often left behind.

  3. Hi..I’m Bobk’s sister from up above….I’m always amazed at what he finds on the internet and these pictures and thoughts from you brought lots of memories flooding back…Our dad is gone now, but his legacy lives on in his children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren…How I remember sitting outside on that ledge, helping him put shoe displays in the window, playing with the shoe sizer inside the shop and bringing him his lunch every day on our way back to school…we actually were allowed to come home for an hour and then go back to school for the afternoon session..my mom would have our lunches prepared, and we would walk uptown to bring him his….it was like living in Mayberry! Thanks Dad!!

  4. Hi … I am yet another of “Michael’s Modern Shoe Shop”‘s children. We know that many of the businesses in the town have seen much better days. Many of the buildings along Lehigh Avenue have been torn down. We expect at some point to no longer see Dad’s old shop standing one of these days. I still marvel that it is still there to this day. I, like my sister above, also can remember sitting outside on the stoop of his shop and watching passers by. I used to play inside the shop with the carousel that used to hold the paste type shoe polishes (in little round tubs). He never liked us to be behind his counter where all the “scary” equipment was … the big polishing machines. But, on one side behind the counter he had a smaller sewing machine and I can remember taking bits of old leather that was used to repair the soles of the shoes and run it through the little “crimper” on the machine. As I got older, he would let me “design” his front window. I would drape pretty fabric over stacked shoe boxes to create height and dimension and then display the various shoes. Thank you for taking these photos of his shop and for appreciating the way it has stood the test of time. It is a testament to our father who raised us right and insisted that we all go to college and get a good education. He was a hard working man… six days a week. He only ever took Sundays off. He is forever in our hearts and minds for all of the sacrifices he made for us.

  5. Dinerman………….. I can tell you that the common wall between my dad’s shop separated him from a small eatary diner which was operated by “Polish” John with a loyal clientele. I went to school with one of his daughters. I had never given much thought to wonderful large 7 UP sign that protruded fromthe front of that business. These were all small businessman making a living for their families in the only way they knew how. There were many others who provided goods and services for the townfolk. An appliance store (actually two), a jewelry store, an optometrist, a barber, a butcher shop, operated by a number of good folk who are all gone on now. I remember them well and fondly so for all their hard work and loyalty since we will never this kind of quintessential American small business entrepreneurship again. And yes, they did build it themselves. My sister Marilyn is right. We did live in Mayberry in a land long ago.

  6. Hi! I’m Michael’s granddaughter. Would you by any chance be willing to allow me access to high resoltion files so I can have these these beautiful photos printed out and framed for a wall display in my house? Personal use only. I just think they’re great, and would love to preserve the artistiic way that you captured his shop as it exists today. Thanks for considering!

  7. Juliet, you made me cry….I realized when your dad first sent me this that I didn’t have one photo of my Dad’s shop in my collection of 1000’s of photos….not a one….the image is burned into my brain, but I realized I need to get a real photo for posterity…so when your dad and Judy come home in two weeks, and we go to visit the house for the last time, I plan to bring a camera along and correct my defiency…..with age comes wisdom..

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