Bob Bonsall – Little Tavern

Here’s a follow up on Bob Bonsall, pictured in this post, this post and this post.

The Baltimore Sun, Feb 17, 1968

Robert F. Bonsall

Funeral services for Robert F. Bonsall, supervisor for the Little Tavern Shops, Inc., will be held at 10 A.M. Today at the Loring Byers funeral establishment, 8728 Liberty Road.
Mr. Bonsall died Wednesday of a heart attack at his home at 355 Marriottsville rd, Randallstown MD. He was 41 years old.
A native of Baltimore, Mr. Bonsall attended parochial schools here.
He was a veteran of the Korean war, having served in the Army.
Mr. Bonsall worked for the Little tavern Shops for 25 years, rising to the position of supervisor.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Catherine Bonsall and his four sons, Robert Bonsall, Joseph Bonsall, Douglas Bonsall and Mark Bonsall.


2 thoughts on “Bob Bonsall – Little Tavern

  1. It’s certainly a question. Let’s say he started in 1943, when he was 16, and worked there for 7 years, fought in Korea sometime in the 1950-1953 period and resumed his old job when he returned. Even after that 7 year stretch from age 16 to 23, he would have been a pretty long-term employee. Maybe they’re counting the time he was in the service as still being a LT employee?

    Maybe whoever wrote the obituary knew he started working at LT in ’43 and just subtracted that year from when he died and didn’t take out the time for his stint in the army?

    No way of knowing, really. But any way you look at it, old Bob Bonsall really devoted his life to Little Tavern.

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