Gap Diner

Apparently, under all that lies a 1950s Paramount. It’s located at 1041 S. Broadway, Wind Gap, PA.


The shed roof and awnings really change the look of the place. You have to love the space age canted supports, corner entry and V shaped lower paneling.

Though the lines of the original interior are still apparent, the false beams, the canted counter base, the terrazzo- recent remodeling has changed the materiality, and the entire look and feel of the place.

Chrome, “wood”, neon.

Faux 1950s (replacing real 1950s) meets faux country meets Grecian urns. Note the delete plates over where the original cantilevered stools were mounted. The cantilevered stools are really much more appropriate in a place where the diagonal line is emphasized over all else. Now it’s just a confused jumble.


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