The Mighty Midget Kitchen

The Mighty Midget in 1980. It was built by a Glendale, California based firm post-war from a section of bomber fuselage. Apparently they built seven of them, and this is the only one to have survived.

From the 1940s through its closing, it cooked standard grill fare- burgers and hot dogs. It did a stint post-move and post-restoration as a Barbecue place, and now is part of a German Doner restaurant.

And 30 years later. It closed in 1994 and was moved to the current site in 1996. The stone gas station which is used to sit next to is now a pie shop.


1 thought on “The Mighty Midget Kitchen

  1. Researching some of these that were in Alexandria, Va., and curious about your source for the number of these that were produced? Any chance you could email me. Will share what I find out. Thanks!

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