Lee’s Diner – York, PA

Lee’s Diner is a 1951 Mountain View, serial 322. While at first glance it looks pretty well original, with two great freestanding neon signs. Closer inspection reveals an interesting series of additions and alterations. A dining room was bumped out the left hand side of the diner some years ago. The side stainless was removed at that point and put on the front wall to create an original looking facade. The left hand side is stucco or something of that sort, shaped and painted to match the stainless. The original vestibule wasn’t much bigger than a telephone booth, and since my last visit has been enlarged. A similar trick was pulled on the vestibule, with the original stainless used to make a several-foot enlargement look more or less original.


Nice old Seeburg Consolettes.

Hot Meatloaf sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy.

The interior of the diner is still very original, with the exception of replacement booths.


Mountain View builder’s tag.

Inlaid “P.” in the terrazzo floor.

The older of the two neon signs.


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