Prospect Diner – Hagerstown, MD


The Prospect Diner opened Thursday, August 22, 1946. It was billed as Hagerstown’s Newest Diner, though the barrel roof design it followed would have been, by that point, ten to twenty years behind what the factories in Jersey were turning out. That said, for an on-site job, it played the “diner” game well, pulling heavily from factory built models, but with the great added twist of the full (structural?) glass brick windows. I can only imagine what this place would have looked like at night, with the entire roof seeming to hover over the heavy base, unsupported by window frames or pillars.
With the design what it is, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t take better advantage of the huge expanses of flat facade, like earlier builders were doing. I guess by 1946, that sort of lettering had more or less fallen out of use with just about everyone but Worcester, but the tiny signs by the front door seem like an afterthought.

The diner was located at 12 N. Prospect St., and has long since been demolished, and another building built on the site.


1 thought on “Prospect Diner – Hagerstown, MD

  1. We lived on South Prospect in the late 1950’s, only a block or so away. I was 6 or 7 and the Prospect Diner was a real treat. I would get the spaghetti with meat sauce and stare at the huge Budweiser painting of a cavalry soldier getting scalped by an Indian.

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