Capital City Diner to close

The Capital City diner, located at 1050 Bladensburg Rd. NE Washington DC, is set to close this weekend.


We sincerely appreciate your support, patronage, and– most of all– friendship over the past two years. You’re more than customers; you’re our friends and neighbors.

Although we received positive response to our recent improvements, we also encountered rising costs, a declining economy, and a national chain “diner” restaurant opening almost a stone’s throw away. Now, we must refocus and reformat our restaurant to move forward.

This weekend, we’ll open from 7am until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday so that we can meet up one last time to say good-bye before we close to reformat and improve our concept.

Again, thank you for your support and encouragement, we’d love to see you one last time at the old diner to say good-bye this weekend.


Matt & the Capital City Diner crew


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