Sterling Streamliners

Sterling Streamliners were made by the J.B. Judkins Company of Merrimac, MA. They built diners from 1936 to 1942.

Dowling’s Flyer – 1865 E. Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY – This is the first I’ve seen of this one. Does anyone have any more information on this location?

Jimmie Evans Flyer – Pleasant Street Opposite Post Office – Rt 6. New Bedford MA. Still with us, but just barely.

Lindholm’s – Rutland, VT. An interior photo when the diner was still operational. I think Colin Strayer may have this one up in Ontario.

Penn State Flyer – Opened in Allentown, PA in 1941. Moved to Scranton, PA in 1956

Schanaker’s Streamline Diner – Elmira, NY – 1941

Simpson’s Dining Car – 1415 Main St. Houston, TX. Simpson’s had been replaced by the 1950s, but it looks like the newer model retained the built-in-sign from the Sterling Streamliner. Photophoto source

Yankee Flyer – 236 Main St. Nashua, NH – Built 1939- the first Streamliner Model. More information, including a vintage photo and a mural of the diner can be found on Larry Cultrera’s Diner Hotline.



10 thoughts on “Sterling Streamliners

  1. I believe there was one(if not more) in Rochester, NY. American Diner, then and now, page #114

    Schanacker’s in Elmira got swept down the river during Hurricane Agnes. If my memory serves me, there was talk of reopening the closed diner, but the Hurricane had other plans for the diner.

    • My Great Aunt and Uncle owned the Schanacker’s in Elmira along with the Wellboro Diner for many years. Their last name was Schanacker.. I do know that the Wellboro Diner is still a functioning diner in Wellsboro, PA.

  2. My Grandfather owned the Dowling Flyer! Was trying to find information on the diner that I grew up in when I came upon your site and saw the name Dowling Flyer. What information are you looking for? Do you have a picture of it?

  3. Check out Joe’s Diner on Route 138 in Taunton, Mass. It’s a Sterling, #408. Open every day, diner is in excellent condition and serves excellent food!! The name and serial number plaque is mounted inside, where you can’t miss it!! This diner is a treasure!!

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  5. It is good to see what happened to the Jimmie Evans Flyer; later The Tin Man Diner. My father moved the Jimmie Evans Flyer to Pocasset, MA to go with the gasoline station he built next door.
    He owned it several years. It also operated under the name Edwards Diner.

    • The Jimmy Evans Flyer which my father relocated next to the Otis/Camp Edwards Rotary was operated both as the Tin Man Diner and the Edwards Diner. It was set on fire by a jealous husband/boyfriend of one of the waitresses. It has since been replaced by a much smaller diner and the original Jimmy Evans Flyer is supposed to be in storage in a field out in the Town of Westport.

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