The American City Diner- Washington DC

The American City Diner was one of the first “retro” styled diners. It was built by Kullman Diners in 1988. You can see photos of diner shortly after installation here.
These photos were taken by my father, Michael G. Stewart, shortly after the diner opened for business. Since then, the entire left hand side of the diner has been covered, and the interior has been cluttered with retro knick-knacks.






A similar view of what the diner looks like today. Truly unfortunate.


2 thoughts on “The American City Diner- Washington DC

  1. I completely agree. The American City really isn’t too far from where I live in Maryland, but as you say, the food isn’t good even at half the price.

    Were just losing them right and left. This one’s gone way downhill. The Silver Spring Tastee hasn’t been the same since the move, now that the diner’s being used as little more than a vestibule. The Rockville Silver Diner’s gone (and the new Rockville location’s just not the same). The Capital City Diner’s closed.

    And as a sidenote- the American City Diner’s using photos off this blog without permission on their website and facebook. That’s been happening a lot lately.

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